[Trans] 190217 Tohoshinki Band Member Suzuki Wataru in an Interview Sharing his Thoughts about Tohoshinki, Yunho and Changmin

Livedoor will be publishing a series of interviews with Toho band members following the Toho dancers interviews published back in 2018 September!

The second interview features Toho band member Bass (@watarumble) Suzuki Wataru!

Similarly, amongst the different questions they were asked about their career, they were asked about their thoughts of Tohoshinki members. Below is a translation of some relevant parts of the interview!






あ、本当ですか? 日本と韓国、それぞれの国であれだけ多くの仕事をしていて、「明日は朝が早い」「これが終わったら帰ってPV撮影がある」とか言いながらも全部に全力投球。ドームやアリーナに常に数万人のお客さんが待っている環境でブレずにいられるっていうのは、普通の人だったら絶対にできない離れ業ですよね。それをいとも簡単にやり遂げているところが怪物だと思います。







– What kind of impression do you have toward the two of TOHOSHINKI?

Well, other people have already said this and I totally agree with them.. I think the two are “monsters” (laugh).


– This is the first time that I heard something like that!
Really? They work so hard in JPN and in KOR, they tell us something like”Tomorrow, we need to get up early.” “When we finish this, then we need to go back to KOR and we will have PV shooting.” But they put all their effort in everything. At Dome and Arena, a few ten thousand people are waiting for them. They have a strong determination/they are consistent to perform. No ordinary people can do that. But they can do it easily.. that is why I think that they are monsters


– I guess things are different in KOR and in JPN and i guess it must be really hard for them physically and mentally.

Yes, yes. I can’t do that (laugh). But under such circumstances, they are always cheerful and kind to us. Having said that, they are human being too. so I guess they must have sensitive parts in themselves. So I should not just leave it as “they are monsters” but I should do my best to support them as a member of TOHO team.

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