[Changmin IG] 180722 “Ice coffee❄️” = Heaven! + Toho Band Master Kakiyan Tries to Imitate it XD

what’s your heaven cool drink in this heat?!

Changmin IG:


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[Changmin IG] 180717 The “Setting Sun” and “Beautiful Sky” from Japan after Work(?)~ + Comments on Other Posts

Changmin sharing Tokyo {p/n: possibly Makuhari, Chiba}‘s evening sky after work (check out notes at end of post)~ ^^


Changmin IG Posts:

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[Instagram] 180419 Toho Team Meeting up and Enjoying Tohoshinki Begin Again Tour DVD Together~

Keeping their beautiful Toho bond, it seems like Toho dancers and Toho band had a re-union, with Tohoshinki’s Begin Again tour DVD playing in the background! can’t wait for Nissan ^^*

Here are some photos or videos through instagram’s stories or posts~


[cr: Toho dancer ACHI Instagram (achiwilder) Story via @tomotomo_1202: 1 and 2]


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[VID] 180114 More of Tohoshinki and Toho Team Celebrating Birthdays of SAM-san, SONNY, and Yasuhara-san Yesterday

On the 180113, Tohoshinki along with the Toho team staff celebrated three birthdays (Stage Producer SAM-san on 01/13, Sound Director Yasuhara-san on 01/05, and Toho Dancer SONNY on 01/06) at the dome before the live.


Here are more videos uploaded by both SAM-san and SONNY through their SNS accounts



Sam-san tweeted about Nagoya’s shows, and thanked Yunho and Changmin for the birthday wishes~


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[IG Story] 180113 Tohoshinki and Toho Team Celebrating Birthdays of SAM-san, SONNY, and Yasuhara-san Today~

Today Tohoshinki along with the Toho team staff celebrated three birthdays at the dome before today’s live! our boys smashing their faces with their cakes, Happy birthday~ > w <

Standing Right, with Yunho: Stage Producer SAM-san (today 01/13)
Standing Middle, with Changmin: Sound Dirctor Yasuhara-san (01/05)
Left: Toho Dancer SONNY (01/06)

Video uploaded by SONNY on his instagram story, re-uploaded by us:

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[TW/FB] 180113 Incognito’s Bluey with Tohoshinki, SAM-san and Toho Band: One of the best night ever @TVXQ at #kyoseradomeosaka


Bluey (Jean-Paul Maunick), Incognito’s bandleader who went to Tohoshinki’s Kyocera Dome on December, posted their photo again as well as photos with SAM-san and Toho Band on twitter and facebook~


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[Trans] 171127 Bigeast Staff Report: 3 Days Tokyo Performance Successfully Ended♪ Today Yunho is…?!


Good evening, all Bigeasts!


We’ll share you Yunho behind the stage ♪ It is really important to do physical training/work out in order to provide you the best performance, but mental training is also essential.

For example, just before the live concert, Yunho and Changmin’ll try a variety of methods to enhance their ability to focus. They invited dancers and band members to join them in a recreation room and practiced meditation together.

Yunho: Okay, let’s concentrate (on breathing)!

Initially, Yunho tried meditation by himself and he really liked it (smile).
Yunho: This is great! I can build up my concentration!
Meditation has added to the list of Yunho’s mind training methods♪

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[PIC] 171126 Toho Dancers and Toho Band Updates from Inside Tokyo Dome: We are T!

Toho team updates their sns with photos together from inside Tokyo dome ^^

This post is a compilation of Toho Dancers and Band members shared yesterday (1st day) and today before the start of the 2nd day of Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ at Tokyo Dome~




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