[VID/Trans] 181028 Tohoshinki for NTV’s “Gyoretsuno Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo”

Tohoshinki were guests at NTV’s variety show “Gyoretsuno dekiru horitsu sodanjo” where they got to try flavoured butter with rice and commented on different topics!

The have shown footage from Nissan where they flied via the wires from a 15m height and Yunho joked that although he felt scared he said he was alright. Also old footage of Changmin saying he likes Niigata’s rice, and Tohoshinki later invited to try it (Shinnosuke’s rice from Niigata) with flavoured butter (from Hokkaido)! On different topics where they were asked to compare between fans or people from Japan and Korea, Yunho’s “it depends on the person” comment was found witty and funny! Changmin’s amazing back muscles made an appearance, too! None fans viewers via twitter have complemented the duo on their Japanese and fast responses~ ^^

Post includes TVXQ’s cut on the show, some translations of their talk and translations of some reactions such as famous Japanese athlete Takei So and some non-fans~


[cr: Photo via @nittele_da_bear]



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