[Trans] 141219 MORA interview with Tohoshinki for “WITH” Album (Part.2)


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Q: Through “DIRT” and “I JUST CAN’T QUIT MYSELF”, we can enjoy the new feature of TOHOSHINKI, can’t we? Especially,”I JUST CAN’T QUIT MYSELF” features lilting Rockabilly sound and the lyrics is a bit comical.
CM: When I (first) heard this song, I imagined a night party in Okinawa or somewhere hot. Everyone is drunk、getting into the rhythm and sing out pretty loud together to enjoy themselves. I sang this song while imagining the atmosphere of such a party.
YH: This song is really fun to sing. At our live concert, I want to choreograph dance moves and song as musical. The lyrics is humorous and it is almost opposite (quite different) from DIRT. I had an image of the man being a player (womanizer), and also he does things in his own way (he doesn’t really care what other people thinks of him).
Q: Once he set his mind, he is so gung ho (laugh). He does not use his brain to think first, but he obeys a sudden impulse. Something like that?
YH: Yes, yes (laugh)
Q: Which one of the two of you are closer to the main character of this song?
CM: Of course, Yunho! (laugh)
YH: Yes, indeed, it’s me (laugh) I am the type of a man who is motivated by his heart.

Q: The other lead song “CHANDELIER” is a nostalgic love song. It has warm aura but at the same time, I became emotional and was feeling sad.
YH: Although this is a love song, it is also a song about our thoughts/feelings that we are happy to see you all up to now. I feel sadness (sweet sorrow) very strongly. We feel sadness to the level that we feel pain. But there is this warm aura that masks the sadness, therefore I even feel sadder.
Q: When you sing this song at your upcoming tour, I bet you will cry.
YH: No, I won’t cry a bit… Well, I can’t be so sure. As I told you before, I am the man who is motivated by his heart (laugh).

Q: You made people emotional with “CHANDELIER” and with the next song “BABY DON’T CRY” you give comfort to them/cheer them up by saying, “To wipe off your tears”. I think female fans will undergo “SPINNING” by TOHOSHINKI.
CM: HAHAHA You are right~ (laugh).
YH: But a man is supposed to give comfort (to a woman). In one sense, this is a typical TOHOSHINKI song.
We give hugs to someone in tears and cheer them up to move on. Just like our old song, “TELEPHONE”.

Q: Speaking of your fans, “SPECIAL ONE” is a song that makes a SPECIAL ONE = special space where you will become one with your fans at your live concerts.
YH: This song is very suited to a live concert. “We love you””Let us hear your voice””You are shining” We sang messages that will make our fans who are enjoying our live performance happy.
CM: We are one is in the lyrics. We are one, therefore you are special to us.. something along the line. Whaa.. the lyrics is great, is not it! I want to have someone special to me! (laugh).
YH: Alright, we will go to the next question~ (laugh).

Q: The last song, “WITH LOVE” is a number begins with warm and sorrow accordion sounds.
CM: I think this song accentuates our true vocal ability, because it is sang only with an accordion. However, I thought that the feeling/emotion of a singer is more important than his skills, I sang the song as I was getting emotional without any techniques. I wanted to make the song to touch one’s soul when people listen to it.
YH: The lyrics is not too sad. It is warm and it has a theme of love for humanity, like “WE ARE THE WORLD” by Michael Jackson. But personally, I feel this song really sad. I sing the last part, “you sleep here (in my arms)”. I did many takes/recordings until I was able to express my feelings to my content. I was not okay when I sang this song. I got so emotional.

Q: This album contains a lot of love songs. But you are not just singing a love song between man and woman, you also sing songs about love for humanity – a large and deep scale love.
YH: Yes. Family love, the bonds of friendship and etc. We have shown loves focusing on such large scale love.

Q: Well then.. At last. When do you feel that you are wrapped/cuddled in large love? What situation is it?
CM: When I am done with my work, and I ask my friends “Should we go drinking a bit?”. Whenever it is, they can go out with me. Having friends like that is equivalent to love of friendship and trust. Also, I had a party at my work/office in Korea and we had fun past midnight. Then the next morning, I was not quite awake to wear my sweater inside out..I was in hurry putting it on and left (home). They took the picture of me like that and it was uploaded (to news paper web site). My younger sister sent me a message, “Please dress properly.””But it is also my brother’s fashion (laugh)” that made me laugh. I feel love in such a tease. I felt love because my family is paying attention to me (cares about me).

Q: What about you, Yunho?
YH: Lately I think if you have a place to come home to means you are loved. The place like home. When you feel lonely, but there is a place like home, you can keep going to do your best. I think this is about a big love. A little while ago, I was really exhausted and was not feeling well. But once I went up on the stage, I was able to smile. The audiences were smiling, which made me smile. I felt love at such circumstances. Even when I feel grumpy, there is someone special/precious to me right beside me, and he/she does not say anything but gives me a big smile.. Then my mood completely changes and I feel great. Something like that. I think these are the instances where I feel being loved.

Text by Takashi Inomata (DO THE MONKEY)



Translation by @beriko0214
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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