[Twitter] 141217 Solidemo Member (A Huge Tohoshinki Fan) tweets about his Tohoshinki “WITH” Album



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[Trans] 141218 EXO’s Xiumin interview for The Celebrety: TVXQ! as his role models


Q: Would there also now appear juniors who say that they looked at EXO and dreamt of being singers?
A: Orh hewww, no. We still are far from that. We have to grow much more / for a much longer period of time.

Q: How would it probably be like if those types of juniors appear?
A: What kind of feeling that would be, I really don’t know. I only know very well the feeling opposite Continue reading

[Trans] 141217 Blog Entry by the Acoustic Guitarist for TVXQ’s #T1ST0RY Concerts

NaverBlog_20141216_100007_00 NaverBlog_20141216_100008_01

I have returned from the TVXQ Taiwan concert. The concert was held at the Taipei Arena~ When I came to Taiwan for a holiday early this year, I had passed by this place, but having been able to perform together with TVXQ this time around, the feeling is anew~

In the midst of the rehearsal~
In the TVXQ Asian tour this time arpund, one section of the concert involves a performance where live instruments are played after existing TVXQ songs are re-interpreted into acoustic versions. Continue reading

[Trans] 141219 MORA interview with Tohoshinki for “WITH” Album (Part.2)


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Q: Through “DIRT” and “I JUST CAN’T QUIT MYSELF”, we can enjoy the new feature of TOHOSHINKI, can’t we? Especially,”I JUST CAN’T QUIT MYSELF” features lilting Rockabilly sound and the lyrics is a bit comical.
CM: When I (first) heard this song, I imagined a night party in Okinawa or somewhere hot. Everyone is drunk、getting into the rhythm and sing out pretty loud together to enjoy themselves. I sang this song while imagining the atmosphere of such a party.
YH: This song is really fun to sing. At our live concert, I want to choreograph dance moves and song as musical. The lyrics is humorous and it is almost opposite (quite different) from DIRT. I had an image of the man being a player (womanizer), and also he does things in his own way (he doesn’t really care what other people thinks of him).
Q: Once he set his mind, he is so gung ho (laugh). He does not use his brain to think first, but he obeys a sudden impulse. Something like that?
YH: Yes, yes (laugh)
Q: Which one of the two of you are closer to the main character of this song?
CM: Of course, Yunho! (laugh)
YH: Yes, indeed, it’s me (laugh) I am the type of a man who is motivated by his heart.

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