[Trans] 141218 Son Ho Joon Mentions Yunho in an Interview of a Company Newsletter


Q: It was nice seeing yet another different side of your charms with Yeon Seok ssi (friendship on Youth Over Flowers).

A: My personality is the complete opposite of Yeon Seok. Is that why we are drawn together? Haha. Although he is my friend, there are also many points to learn from him, he is detailed, and compare to anything else, there isn’t any person who looks after me that meticulously. However, what is intriguing is that this aspect of him is similar to that of Yunho too. Continue reading

[Trans] 141219 2014 Boy Groups’ Battle by Months (January – TVXQ)


#January: TVXQ’s comeback
TVXQ opened the boys’ first fire of 2014 with “Something”. “Something”, the title track of TVXQ’s official 7th album, “Tense”, of obtained 1st place on music broadcasts, and also rose to 1st place on the digital music charts, adoring TVXQ’s 10th anniversary in a luxurious manner.

(B1A4 information omitted)



Translations by @mug_ping
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