[TRANS] 141228 Bigeast Staff Report: Nippon TV series 「Sukkiri!! Year-end Extra SPECIAL」

All translation mistakes are truly mine – @joeylfy

It was about two years ago when Tohoshinki last appeared in 「Sukkiri!!」. This time as well, Yunho & Changmin will challenge Kato-san & Wentz-san to a showdown! They (Yunho & Changmin) were full of fighting spirits when they challenged (Kato-san & Wentz-San)!

Though it was a showdown … it was a recording that was filled with a lot of laughter! They (Yunho & Changmin) looked like they were having a lot of fun (during the recording) ♪1

The show will be on air tomorrow, 12/29 (Mon) 6:30-11:30 AM JST! Everyone, do look forward to it~ ^^


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