[PIC/Fanacc/Fancam] 160601 Corporal Jung Yunho in a New Military Band Uniform at a School Event~

Yunho today was at an event in Taebaek Mechanical Technical High School, and seems that the event he is attending is in commemoration of the soldiers who volunteered after the 1.4 Retreat (when China/NK invaded Seoul) [cr: @snxy]



[cr: @shjpcy]



[cr: @SUDONG117]


[cr: @hydud20401]


[cr: @swan3685]


[cr: @cherry19930309]


Someone at the school got his autograph

[cr: 이상호 fb via @snxy]




[cr: @DDyo_hak]



[cr: @0khy0923]



Translated by  @snxy:

  • yunho at the school event today; OPs all fangirling already [cr: @hydud20401 ]
  • yunho sang and also gave flowers to OP’s former church leader ㅜㅜ [cr:  @hydud20401]
  • OP said yunho was really handsome too [cr : @swan3685]
    YUNHO GIVING OUT HUGS AND FLOWERS https://twitter.com/DDyo_hak/status/737882834086531073
  • As Yunho was going to sing, there was a problem with the mic ww no music played https://twitter.com/DDyo_hak/status/737883873997160453
  • yunho came to OP’s sch today and she said he looks more handsome in person ㅜㅜ [cr: @dhhg05241024]

  • [cr: cmy_5392: 1 and 2]




Translated by @joeylfy:

  • “U-Know Yunho came to our school ㅠㅠㅠ Love the real thing, really love the real thing” [cr: gong081176 via @kimikmi0503]
  • “Today, U-Know Yunho came to our school. Though he sang, there were disruption as amplifier was broken during the performance. But Yunho continued until the end with fan service… love, love you”  [cr: @btsdeoku_0613 via @Shim_Ls2v2]








As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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