[PIC] 171016 Tohoshinki’s Signed Board for 『 Music Station』on Display at TV Asahi Building~

Tohoshinki’s signed message for 『Music Station』(171013) were on display at TV Asahi building

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[Instagram] 170804 Another Meloholic Drama Staff Shares a Photo with Yunho at Filming Set~


Post Translation:

(make-up artist) Following being on the same stage as Yunho oppa {t/n: i.e. she’d probably worked as staff on a music stage before}, this time, it’s a drama shoot!! Totally exciting 😎

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[PIC/Trans] 170725 TVXQ!’s Signatures and Messages on a Wall in SM Studio Center on EP 4 of the “Snowball Project”

The broadcast of episode 4 of “Snowball Project” on 170725 showed the inside of SM Studio Center, and there seems to be written messages by SM artits on a wall. Among them were TVXQ’s!

For those interested to watch the center tour, click here for the video on naver! Wall (or white board?) appears at 04:05~


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[PIC/Fanacc] 170707 A Fan Visiting Different Restaurants that have Yunho’s Autographs~

A Japanese fan who seems to be in Seoul for the SMTown concert visited the Hongdae ramen shop and Ohjangdong Hamhung cold noodles which both Yunho went to~


The Hongdae ramen shop (160806):

The ramen shop that Yunho ate at Hongdae, he ate spicy ramen and drove there in his own car. The owner even hugged the fan ww

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