[Instagram] 170804 Another Meloholic Drama Staff Shares a Photo with Yunho at Filming Set~


Post Translation:

(make-up artist) Following being on the same stage as Yunho oppa {t/n: i.e. she’d probably worked as staff on a music stage before}, this time, it’s a drama shoot!! Totally exciting 😎

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[PIC/Trans] 170725 TVXQ!’s Signatures and Messages on a Wall in SM Studio Center on EP 4 of the “Snowball Project”

The broadcast of episode 4 of “Snowball Project” on 170725 showed the inside of SM Studio Center, and there seems to be written messages by SM artits on a wall. Among them were TVXQ’s!

For those interested to watch the center tour, click here for the video on naver! Wall (or white board?) appears at 04:05~


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[PIC/Fanacc] 170707 A Fan Visiting Different Restaurants that have Yunho’s Autographs~

A Japanese fan who seems to be in Seoul for the SMTown concert visited the Hongdae ramen shop and Ohjangdong Hamhung cold noodles which both Yunho went to~


The Hongdae ramen shop (160806):

The ramen shop that Yunho ate at Hongdae, he ate spicy ramen and drove there in his own car. The owner even hugged the fan ww

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[PIC] 170630 Yunho and Changmin’s Autographs (Different Visits) Spotted at Ebadom Gamjatang, Gwangju

Yunho and Changmin’s autographs were found at the Ebadom Gamjatang restaurant at Gwangju. Both were left from before enlistment.

Yunho’s autograph was from a visit on 150701. Changmin’s Continue reading