[PIC/Fanacc] 181105 On Tohoshinki’s Visit to Tokyo Skytree (181030)~

On 181030, Tohoshinki visited Tokyo Skytree and left their autographs at the “East (東)” pillar in SKYTREE TERRACE TOUR), located 155 meters above the ground.

Here is more about their visit as told to a fan by the guide who apparently also escorted Tohoshinki there.


Photos and Fanaccount:


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[PIC] 181030 Tohoshinki went to Tokyo Skytree and Left their Autograph!!

It looks like Tohoshinki finally visited Tokyo Skytree (which Changmin talked about wanting to visit it in the past here and here)!

Both of their autographs (from 181030, as signed by Changmin) were spotted at the “East (東)” side viewing of the new viewing area without glass windows (SKYTREE TERRACE TOUR), located 155 meters above the ground (check more about it: here)

We hope they visit more of the places they wished to see~ ^^


Changmin’s autograph: 

-Changmin of 東方神起。-

Yunho’s autograph:

(I/we) came ^^*

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[PIC] 180810 Tohoshinki’s Autograph for “Curlplex Obihiro” from their Curling Mission for the Bigeast 2018 Summer Magazine DVD

Tohoshinki challenged curling for their “The Gold Mission R” for the Bigeast 2018 Summer Magazine DVD! Below is their photograph for the “Curlplex Obihiro” where they filmed the mission. There are photos of the jumper Changmin borrowed because it was cold and the stick he used.

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