[PIC/Fancam/Fanacc] 161230 More of Yunho at S.E.S.’s Concert, Fanboying until the Last Encore~

Yunho who is currently on leave, attended his sunbae S.E.S.’s concert on 12/30! Fans who were at the concert spotted him enjoying his time and cheering along until the very end~





[cr: SES百度貼吧: here via @joeylfy]



Yunho leaving the venue~



[cr: @tvxq_2street]




Translated by @snxy:

  • Yunho watched the entire SES concert today before leaving ^_^ [cr: @tvxq_2street]
  • Yunho stayed for the triple encore ^_^  [cr: @0206yhken]
  • Yunho had the official fanlight in both hands, cheering enthusiastically~ he was in fanmode, rly cute  [cr: @0206yhken]
  • yunho really enjoyed himself today and left. really good-looking too. the concert was also fun~ ^^ [cr: @tvxq_2street]
  • Fan didn’t expect to see Yunho at the SES concert today. As filming is not allowed, there are no pix- however yunho was so cute. there’s no way one would not notice such a handsome man with a crew cut. [cr: @0206yhken]
  • During the con, Yunho kept cheering while holding the official penlights in both hands. even when his head was itchy, he did not put them downㅋ  even when clapping, yunho didn’t put the sticks down and clapped. ww [cr: @0206yhken]
  • SES’ husbands / kids sat in rows 9-10 but Yunho was in the 3rd row. He was really excited and it was cute to see  [cr: @tvxq_2street]
  • Bada shouted ‘I’m so mad’ & Yunho with his lights followed along & was really cute at “i’m your girl”, yunho was the most excited singing along😂 fan couldn’t concentrate between enjoying the concert and watching yunho ww [cr: @0206yhken]
  • OP said Yunho waved the lightsticks together with fans, sang along. He came in right after the concert started & stayed until the very end. OP couldn’t believe it [cr: SES百度貼吧: here]




Translated by @joeylfy:

  • During tonight’s SES con, Yunho just kept holding onto the penlights in both of his hand, didn’t put them down even when his head was itchy & just scratches it like that, so cute. He held on to his penlights too as he clapped 👏🏻 [cr: @0206yhken, KR-JP Translation by @ymamylim]
  • Yunho was sitting on the 3rd row today. While SES’s families were on 9-10th row, Yunho was on the 3rd row, looking very excited 😊 [cr: @tvxq_2street, KR-JP Translation by @ymamylim]
  • During SES’s Bada hit song, “Mad”, at the part of singing “I’m ↗so mad⤴︎ ⤴︎” x2, Yunho held onto his penlights & mimicked the choreo ❤️ He was also singing along very excitedly to SES’s debut song “I’m your girl” [cr: @0206yhken, KR-JP Translation by @ymamylim]
  • Yunho was in his true fanboy mode throughout, waving his penlights together with us, singing along. He came in immediately when the concert started, he passed by but I still couldn’t believe my eyes. He stayed until the very last encore. [cr: SES百度貼吧: here]




As we indicated above,
please note that some of these sources do not accept sharing but from only-TVXQ fans. No ex-members fans, so please respect their wishes.
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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