[PIC/Trans] 170109 Yunho Visited the “Hundertwasser: The Green City” Exhibition in Seoul with Friends on 12/26

Yunho visited the “Hundertwasser: The Green City” Exhibition at Sejong Performing Arts Centre in Seoul on 12/26. He had others with him, paid for his own and their entry fee from his own army salary~

According to the blog, the organisers would have offered Yunho free entry but he paid for his and his companions’ admission instead and was no different from the public.



Yunho really seemed to enjoy the arts a lot and spent more than an hour there; spending quite some time lingering in front of several pieces.

Also, the OP mentioned Yunho had paid for his and his companions’ tickets with the Love for Country 나라사랑 card. Issued by the Korean Military, it’s a multi-functional card which is linked to where soldiers get their salary. This means Yunho used his wages to pay for his friends!


The artworks Yunho posed with:





The military card looks like this one:

Entry fee is for the one adult is 15,000 won.

More about the exhibition (2016/12/14~2017/03/12):

The Sejong Art Center presents Hundertwasser: The Green City from December 14th to March 12th of next year. The vast collection of about 120 works of the late artist will include 45 oil paintings, 25 engravings, 15 models and installation works, 25 tapestries and 10 photo and video materials. Born in 1928 (- 2000), Hundertwasser was an Austrian artist and architect passionately involved in environmental protection by breaking the boundaries between architecture and nature, humanity and art, and finally, reality and fairy tales. This almost dizzying exhibition born out of the artist’s love affair with curves, colors, and fantastical imagery composed in all his works is indeed mesmerizing. Hundertwasser’s unique style and philosophies, along with the his constant thrive towards unifying nature and human development can be witnessed here.

and click here as well.


It seems like their bodyguard papa bear went to the same exhibition when it opened as he posted about it here ^^




 훈트리@ naver blog: here and via @0206yhken,
Translated by @snxy: 1 and 2,
About the exhibition by Timeout via @snxy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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