[Instagram] 180416 Papa Bear Posted Photo of TVXQ with their Dancers, “.. Look forward to a cooler appearance at the concerts”


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[Instagram] 180405 Actor Hahn Jaeseok Joins the TVXQ Shoulder Dance Challenge from the Filming Set of his Drama

actor Hahn Jaeseok , Yunho’s Meloholic co-star, doing the dance too~ ^^



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[TVXQ!/Yunho IG] 180404 U-Know with Dancers and Staff Dancing TVXQ!’s “The Chance of Love” Shoulder dance!! Fan Challenge Event: Share similar video of yourself/with Friends using event hashtag

Please have fun and join the challenge using the hashtag #으른으쓱댄스_CHALLENGE > w <!

video reposted by Yunho, and Changmin liked both posts, Yunho’s and TVXQ’s~


TVXQ’s Post:

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[PIC/Fanacc] 170717 Yunho at Gimpo/Osaka Airport Back to Seoul, Treating Staff and Juniors to Coffee

Collections photos of Yunho at Osaka/Gimpo airport in his way back to Seoul. According to a fan who spot him (at Osaka’s airport?),  Yunho bought coffee for staff and his junior groups~



At Gimpo airport, Seoul

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[PIC] 170619 Yunho at Airport form Seoul to Jeju for SM’s Workshop~

First airport photos we get since enlistment!!!

Yunho at Gimpo airport~


[cr: @W_crown26218]


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Photos of Yunho arriving at Jeju international airport:



[cr: @tvxqhimawari26]


Yunho even trending on korean twitter:


[cr: via @ryuda_t]




As we indicated above,
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