[PIC] 170619 Yunho at Airport form Seoul to Jeju for SM’s Workshop~

First airport photos we get since enlistment!!!

Yunho at Gimpo airport~


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Photos of Yunho arriving at Jeju international airport:



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Yunho even trending on korean twitter:


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[Compilation] 170420 Fans, the Media and SM’s Security Staff at Yangju for U-Know Yunho!

At least over 500 fans and the media are currently waiting for our king to show up! SM’s security staff, including TVXQ bodyguard Hyun Myunghwan (Papa Bear/Mama CQ), are there as well! TVXQ’s ex-manager Kyungjae was spotted, too! Also, a Japanese fan said an avex camera was there.
The media there were seen taking photos of fans’ banners! SBS, MBC and some Japanese media cameras were spotted~

Yunho will be greeting them on 9:30 KST at a large carpark near a restaurant where the camp is.



Currently about 400 + fans are queuing

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[Instagram] 170110 Bodyguard Myunghwan Shares Photos of Yunho at the Hundertwasser Exhibition in Seoul on 12/26

First of all, it is less than 100 days already until we see our monster leader o(≧∇≦o)!!!

Regarding Yunho’s recent pictures at the Hundertwasser exhibition in Seoul (on 12/26), it seems that papa bear did accompany him that day~

He seems very thankful that Yunho made time for the visit~



Yunho soldier ahjussi visited the art gallery. Really grateful that though he might not have time even while on break, he made time and came. It might look like it was arranged that Yunho Continue reading

[PIC/Trans] 170109 Yunho Visited the “Hundertwasser: The Green City” Exhibition in Seoul with Friends on 12/26

Yunho visited the “Hundertwasser: The Green City” Exhibition at Sejong Performing Arts Centre in Seoul on 12/26. He had others with him, paid for his own and their entry fee from his own army salary~

According to the blog, the organisers would have offered Yunho free entry but he paid for his and his companions’ admission instead and was no different from the public.


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[Compilation] 161105 Yunho and Changmin at Yunho’s Sister Jihye’s Wedding in Gwangju~

Yesterday was Yunho’s little sister’s, Jihye, wedding in Gwangju, and our TVXQ reunited for this happy event ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ!
It seems that Changmin took the train from Seoul to attend, he was spotted with Yunho and Yunho’s parents in several pictures~

Siwon and some of Yunho’s 85 club friends/TVXQ staff such as manager Kyungjae, papa bear the bodyguard (Changmin apparently was seated with them), and stylists were among the guests. SM artists, Son Hojoon and others sent their good wishes through video messages~

Congratulations on your sister’s wedding, Yunho  。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。! May she live happily with her other half~




photos include a collection of the fan-taken photos and guests’ slecas with Yunho~

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[Trans] 151119 Shim Jaewon, Bodyguard Myunghwan and Minsil-san Share their Feelings on Changmin’s Enlistment


From Shim Jaewon’s Instagram (beatburgerjae):




what words are needed? these younger brothers are the close friends in my life –
so go and come back well.
#let’s meet soon with smiling faces
#it will be with the same heart




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