[Fanacc] 170314 On Yunho Asking Bakery Staff to Take Care of Fans as Well, and Other Comments~

Both of our boys are so considerate <3! The bakery staff seems to be nice, too~


Fanaccount by @Vyoback:



Yesterday, fan went to Hyoja, only the corn bread was left out of what TVXQ bought~really delish! Yunho saw the pictures and joked “there isn’t a picture of me”ㅋ



The pictures of changmin had been brought by japanese fans who visited the bakery.
The owner of the bakery had wanted to take a picture with yunho but noticed there was a scar on his face so was worried it would be rude to ask so he didn’t. Later when he found out it was due to a childhood injury, he felt sorry. also after yunho left that day two fans came just 5 minutes after and when they find out they had come just after yunho’s visit, they were really sorry to have missed him.


Shared on 170311, a fanaccount by @aiva_99:


Fan went to the area for dinner and went to Hyoja Bakery but the main menu was all sold outㅠ so while paying for what she could buy the fan received an extra piece of bread free. The staff said that Yunho asked staff to give fans one moreㅠ she was so touched she almost 😩




Fanaccounts by @Vyoback and @aiva_99,
Translated by @snxy: 1, 2 and 3,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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