[Compilation] 170318 東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2017 ~TILL2~ First day at Makuhari Messe Event Hall

The 2nd Tohoshinki film concert TILL2 started on 3/18 with two rounds at Makuhari Messe Event Hall (1st round starting at 13/14:00 and 2nd round starting at 17:00/18:00).

The guests for both round this day were Toho dancer Daisuke-san and Toho band member (drummer) Tetsu-san!

Here is a photo of the fully filled venue with the two guests from round one:


From round two:


guests posing with TB as shared by the official twitter account:

Daisuke-san also shared the last photo on his twitter (@blacksandersatn) and instagram (daiskeoo).

[cr: Tohoshinki ~TILL2~Official Website and twitter (@tohotill2)]


These are reports from the film concerts! the contents and the mc were different from the first TILL tour~

In case you’re going, you could skip this post as it contains spoilers!



[cr: @218206]


[cr: @bruni2618]


[cr: @chimichami]





Fanaccount (including photos and videos) by @MM7608:

  • You can see concert customers inside venue

  • Bracelet light will change colors in #tohotill2 concert It makes you feel you’re​ in live concert

  • #tohotill2 is not the same with till concert, the made we feel boys are there
  • In MC when greeting everyone
    •.• Everyone looks so enjoyed
    ㅎㅅㅎ Could you see them?
    •.• I couldn’t but I know
  • Finally I can meet him 😉 #tohotill2 #TBちゃん

  • When brothers are together

EDIT: more

  • At the MC, boys said about what old songs they want to sing for everyone & both of them mentioned Bolero


Fanaccounts and official TILL2/guests tweets translated by @snxy:


  • tohoshinki’s till2 concert~There will be a jet balloon handed out when u enter~ design is different from the goods [cr: @tohotill2]
  • Whoa the receipts for Tohoshinki TILL2, are copies of receipts from previous Tohoshinki concerts~

    [cr: @homin106]
  • There will be same-day tickets sold at each venue as well. For 3/18 today, opens an hour before each round (1 & 5pm). 4,800¥ including tax. [cr: @tohotill2]
  • ㅋㅋㅋ fan is at makuhari as well for till 2 and a nearby outlet is playing tvxq’s dream. i wonder why 🎵😎 [cr: @218206]

  • One of the Tohoshinki band members – the drummer and Tohoshinki dancer, Daisuke appeared at #tohotill2 today [cr: @218206]
  • While doing We Are T~ a panaroma picture of the venue was taken ~ [cr: @218206]
  • Minsil-san and TB On stage ~ some weird sculpture thing is also on the stage ㅋ [cr: @218206]
  • 1. Opening 2. Seems like Tohoshinki’s fated? was shown? really awesome. [cr: @218206]
  • Humanoids. Choosy lover. [cr: @218206]
  • love in the ice. dirt. [cr: @218206]
  • Mirotic. Spellbound. Yunho’s solo – T-style  [cr: @218206]
  • Before U Go, Changmin’s solo – Rusty Nail  [cr: @218206]
  • #tohotill2 was really fun as the film video shown was on a really big screen and you could see everything & all kinds of expressions ww [cr: @bruni2618]
  • Seems the venue-limited mug is sold out #tohotill2 ㅠ [cr: @mutsukimuika]
  • Toki o tomete. Share The World. ㅋㅋ the directing is crazy ㅋㅋ #tohotill2 [cr: @218206]
  • Sky. High Time. Survivor. [cr: @218206]
  • Rising Sun. And it looks like it’s come to the end [cr: @218206]
  • Sorry if it’s too much of spoilers. Encore VCR ㅠㅠ sakuramichi [cr: @218206]
  • In Our Time was played again~ [cr: @218206]
  • round 1 started at 2 and ended at 4. Guests incl Daisuke (dancer) and drummer Tetsu (band) [cr: @micchantvxq]
  • screening started at about 2.09pm. Before that was an explanation of what would go on as well as talks by the guests [cr: @anywhere4you]
  • It was really great, make sure to stay until the end before leaving~ [cr: @homin106]
  • Tetsu-san: he went to Yunho & Changmin’s dressing room during breaks. CM gives rly gd shoulder massages; he had abt 10 mins but wanted more [cr: @2conico6]
  • Tetsu-san felt sorry that it was Changmin giving him a shoulder massage but as it was really good, he had it anyway ^^ [cr: @chimichami]
  • Do stay until the end as there is a new mc and song ~ as well as a message from the two  [cr: @homin106]
  • So if you buy the lights, it’s a good choice as the colour changes~ [cr: @46927Toshi]
  • There’s a costume exhibit in the venue (seems to be TREE tour’s) but note that after the show, you can’t take pictures [cr: @anywhere4you]
  • Daisuke had been unemployed before he passed an audition for the 10th anni and became a Toho dancer~ for TILL1, he appeared only for 0.2secs
    Daisuke-san perf Spinning at the 10th anni tour audition and passed it. so it has a deep impression on him. [cr: @2conico6]
  • Do note that Jet balloons are given out at admission which u have to blow up yourself. [cr: @yueru56]
  • Fans saying how lucky it is to be Tonpen when they get spoilt with the film concerts and all these special presents ㅠㅠ TILL2 was very moving [cr: @homin_love]
  • Tetsu said he’d gone to e dressing room n sudd someone came behind him to massage his shoulders. He was wondering who it was, it was Changmin. As it was also tiring for him, he felt sorry but it was so good, he had it for 10 mins. CM was smiling til e end. [cr: @UknowForeverMAX]
  • official account asking guests to be seated on time. round 1 started late as well as fans were coming in after 2pm. [cr: @tohotill2]
  • while fan was watching she realised she kept looking at the faces of the boys, missed out on their dancing :p fated’s chores was really good [cr: @bruni2618]
  • fan just gushing abt liking yunho’s red hair, his TIME style, T-style chores, his dancing, everything ww [cr: @bruni2618]
  • for the ment, yunho kept mispronouncing お楽しみ (i.e. to look forward to); finally changmin corrected him but he still made the mistake againㅋ  [cr: @bruni2618]
  • a lot of fans saying they cried during the concert T______T the boys’ tearing up was also shown  [cr: @bruni2618]
  • wow the songs and direction of round 2 of #tohotill was different from round 1 [cr: @UmdyYC]
  • Daisuke said that during rehearsal, Yunho was really serious during WHY. As he was a newbie, he was very nervous to perform in front of yunho and changmin by himself. when they clapped after he was done, he was really happy. [cr: @homin106]
  • “what was the most memorable song?” daisuke mentioned WHY. yunho was really passionate during it. and when they said “a new person has come”, he performed in front of yunho and changmin and was really tense. despite being tohoshinki, they checked in on the newcomers’ dances [cr: @miHanho618]
  • Fans saying while TILL1 was like please wait for us; TILL2 is like we’re looking forward to the future/we’re coming back soon;; [cr: @ichiko0212]





As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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