[Compilation] 170610 Pre-event Preparations: the 2017 SHILLA Duty Free FAN FESTIVAL with TVXQ! U-Know in SEOUL

Today, the 2017 SHILLA Duty Free FAN FESTIVAL with TVXQ! U-Know in SEOUL will be held on 18:00 at Kyunghee University, Hall of Peace (for 2000 fans).

Here are is another post of the pre-event preparations and venue~





[cr: @ttarohiro]


Venue pre-event:

seating plan (Shilla are not using full capacity because they limited the event to 2,000 people only)

Reception hall

[cr: @@doyafaceuknow]


[cr: @roomnumber32]


seating plans for 1st and 2nd floors

[cr: @miHanho618]


[cr: @yorugohanr]

Yunho’s sign showing where the toilet is lol

[cr: @okame150 via @snxy]

[cr: @Chiyuli555]




TVXQ! Songs playing at the reception hall: Vertigo from Rise As God

[cr: @light20130822]





Translated by @snxy:

  • staff at the registration for yunho’s fanmeeting yesterday was surprised at his popularity so fan asked how many people had registered
    staff said around 1,500 had registered so far (at the time fan was there)~ // with smtown coming up, glad fans are welcoming yunho back warmly^^

    [cr: @UknowM813]
  • You can leave a message for Yunho too (fanmeeting participants) // there was video message filming / poster distribution as well.

    [cr: @raccowa]
  • Yunho’s message: To: everyone~♥️ I’m back. Thank you for having waited~♥️

    [cr: @coscosy]
  • There are 41 large-sized buses just for the fans coming in for Yunho’s fanmeeting today~ [cr: @UknowM813]
  • People could enter the venue at 5pm already ^^

    [cr: @tvxq_verTgo]
  • 1,800 people on the first floor with many people on the 2nd~looks like there may be 2000ish people for Yunho’s fanmeeting! [cr: @lioxoilwith]
  • Fans are being asked to switch off their phones and look only at Yunho ;; [cr: @raccowa]
  • {p/n: fans’ estimation} Those arriving by buses alone~ 41 large-sized bus; assuming they sit 45 each = about 1845; would be over 1800 people [cr: via @0206yhken]



Fanaccount and photos by @yilunleong:

  • Finally at the venue to draw my seat for this evening😉

  • Different UKnow standees dotting the reception hall in case we get lost😏.






As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express




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