[PIC/Details] 170629 Oeil Sunglasses Line for TVXQ! on Sale Now at Lotte Department Stores

Oeil x SM sunglasses can be found at Lotte Department Store Myeongdong branch and its Jamsil branch [cr: ellotte, Translated by @snxy]. Also it seems to be available at their online shop: here (or as linked below later).

Oeil launched on 6/29 with events as follows:

  • If you visit the shop and upload proof shot to instagram, the first 100 get ecobag and get 10,000₩ discount until 7/5.
  • If you buy a pair of Oeil artiste collaboration sunnies, the first 600 people will get an artiste set of 3 photocards at each shop.
  • If you buy 500,000₩ worth of Oeil products, the first 30 people will get a card wallet at each branch.
  • Until 7/2, fill out coupons and stand to win tickets to SMT seoul. Winners to be announced on 7/4. 100 people also can win signed goods.

[cr: oeil.official: 1, 2 and 3, Translated by @snxy]


The Sunglasses:

There are 3 collections releases, with collection No.2 having two products (One with Yunho’s U-Spade and Changmin’s M-Clover).

Price of each sunglasses: ₩118,000
All have TVXQ!’s logo on the outside of the rim, on the left


  • oeil(오이일) TXVQ! col.1: here
    This one has the TVXQ faces pattern on the rim > w <!!


  • oeil(오이일) TVXQ! col.2-1 : here
    This one has a ♣︎ with letter M in the inside of the rim


  • oeil(오이일) TVXQ! col.2-2: here
    This one has a ♠︎ with letter U in the inside of the rim

  • oeil(오이일) TVXQ! col.3: here
    This is the one Yunho wore ^^
    You can see that the black rim on the inside actually shows TVXQ! (faces) pattern on them!
    (This one is currently SOLD OUT at Lotte Dept store’s main branch [cr: @hfocus0206 via @snxy])


[cr: ellotte: 12, 3, and 4]




Here is how the sunglasses look like in actual light, as well as the packaging:


You can see that TXVQ! col.2 has “TVXQ!” printed on the inside on each as well. But unlike the online store photos, apparently the spade and the clover are on the left side when you wear it, not the right (?)

For the TXVQ! col.1, this is how the white/greyish parts look like on different lights

TXVQ! col.3 (?) close up on the TVXQ! logo


Random TVXQ! photocards for those who buy the sunglasses


[cr: @b_u_tcatchme ]


[cr: @sw0525sw0525]

The set of 3 holographic TVXQ photocards that is given when you buy the TVXQ Oeil sunnies. Bigger than avg card size though. Note the cards of the members are given randomly so you can receive a different make up of the cards.

[cr: @ciao_bambi, Translated by @snxy]


A close up on the TVXQ! (faces) pattern in TXVQ! col.3 (?) 

the packaging/case:


[cr: @Y206T218C]

The cases (?):


Translation of message on the case:

U-Know Yunho
“~let’s not change that heart which is for TVXQ~”

[cr: @magazine_O, Translated by @snxy]





As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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