[PIC/Fanacc] 170701 Oeil TVXQ! Sunglasses at Lote Department Store


Oeil at Lotte Myeongdong. Only the red TVXQ ones have the U & M ♠️♣️. No stock of Yunho’s all-black but you can leave your contact details

The staff told me that Yunho was supposed to wear this as it is red – TVXQ’s colour. However that day, it wasn’t ready so he wore the black. There’s a list where you can leave your details so they can alert you when sunglasses are restocked; it’s all people asking for Yunho’s black 🤣

Also there’s a calligraphy service (for your sunnies case) if you buy Oeil sunnies until 7/2 at Lotte Myeongdong {p/n: example below}


SM staff at DDP:
A: next week we’ll be very busy
B: yes, smtown right?
A: we have to check the tvxq goods. their fans will come and buy everything🤣

[cr: Fanaccount and photos by @snxy: 1, 2, 3, and 4,]


Another example of calligraphy on the case~



[cr: photo by riecchyy: here]




Fanaccount and photos by @snxy: 1, 2, 3, and 4,
Also photo by  riecchyy: here as indicated,
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[PIC/Details] 170629 Oeil Sunglasses Line for TVXQ! on Sale Now at Lotte Department Stores

Oeil x SM sunglasses can be found at Lotte Department Store Myeongdong branch and its Jamsil branch [cr: ellotte, Translated by @snxy]. Also it seems to be available at their online shop: here (or as linked below later).

Oeil launched on 6/29 with events as follows:

  • If you visit the shop and upload proof shot to instagram, the first 100 get ecobag and get 10,000₩ discount until 7/5.
  • If you buy a pair of Oeil artiste collaboration sunnies, the first 600 people will get an artiste set of 3 photocards at each shop.
  • If you buy 500,000₩ worth of Oeil products, the first 30 people will get a card wallet at each branch.
  • Until 7/2, fill out coupons and stand to win tickets to SMT seoul. Winners to be announced on 7/4. 100 people also can win signed goods.

[cr: oeil.official: 1, 2 and 3, Translated by @snxy]


The Sunglasses:

There are 3 collections releases, with collection No.2 having two products (One with Yunho’s U-Spade and Changmin’s M-Clover).

Price of each sunglasses: ₩118,000
All have TVXQ!’s logo on the outside of the rim, on the left


  • oeil(오이일) TXVQ! col.1: here
    This one has the TVXQ faces pattern on the rim > w <!!

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