[Non-fanacc] 171109 An Old Story Shared on 150831 on Yunho Stepping up to Help a Woman from a Drunk Ahjussi


Past account of Yunho helping out someone in need posted on an online community in 2015:


In the past, when I was working part time at Cheongdam-dong, an ahjussi (middle-aged man) who was drinking at our store was very drunk and after leaving, was hitting the ahjumoni (middle-aged woman) that he was drinking with on the street, and no one was stopping him. Seems they didn’t want to get involved as it might be awkward.. I felt I had to stop them so I went and there was a young man who had already gotten on a car to leave but stopped them as well. It was Yunho. As I had called the police, I was worried it would be awkward for him and told him it would be fine if he left. But he stayed with me until the police came. At that moment, I though what a nice young man he was. ㅎㅎ



Screencap via @eunhyyang1226,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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