[Instagram] 171107 JEJUair Pilot Changmin at the 2017 SMTOWN WONDERLAND (171026)

Here is another photo of Changmin at SM Halloween party’s ” the 2017 SMTOWN WONDERLANDR” on 10/26~





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[INFO] 171107 Tohoshinki「Our Ideal Date」for JP Magazine 「CREA」- January Issue 2018 (Release on 171207)

For Japanese magazine 「CREA」- January Issue 2018, to be released on 171207:

  • cover & interview
    Tohoshinki「Our Ideal Date」
    [Special appendix] CREA Original postcard

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[Instagram] 171107 TVXQ! for the 2017 SMTOWN WONDERLAND as Zoro and JEJUair Pilot (171026)

TVXQ! had attended SM Halloween party’s ” the 2017 SMTOWN WONDERLANDR” on 10/26 with Yunho as One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro and Changmin as a JEJUair pilot! Official photos are now up on SMTow Instagram~


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[News-STARCAST] 171106 Ordinary man > Soldier > Handsome returning student! Actor U-Know’s 3-step transformation!


[STARCAST] Ordinary man > Soldier > Handsome returning student! Actor U-Know’s 3-step transformation!


U-Know has come back with his first drama after being discharged from military! He’s acting the role of Yoo Eun Ho with supernatural power in “Meloholic”!
He is a man who can read the girls’ thoughts just by laying his hand on the girls’ skin! You can also find out 3 different characters of U-Know as an actor! Let’s check them out right away! (wink)

Step 1: An ordinary man

원본 이미지

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[TVXQ! IG] 171106 TVXQ Posts Supporting Super Junior’s Comeback~

Since the post is not tagged, there is a high chance one of our boys posted it… and didn’t forget to promote Meloholic, too~ ^^*


ㅋㅋㅋSuJu hwaiting!! ^^ The song is so great!! Please have fun watching MeloHolic too! SujuHolic MeloHolic!!!



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