[VID/DL/Partial Trans] 171118 Tohoshinki “Begin ~Again Version~” Live for Fuji TV’s『MUSIC FAIR』

Tohoshinki appeared on Fuji TV’s『MUSIC FAIR』 Episode broadcast on 11/18, 18:00~18:30 (JST) {p/n: Tohoshinki at the first 15 minutes, AKB48 the other}. Their 2011 old performance of “Why? Keep Your Head Down” was played, in addition the boys live performed “Begin ~Again Version~” so beautifully~

They got to chat with MC Nakama Yukie, the actress who the boys praised a lot back in 2011, especially Changmin! She was in many dramas that used Tohoshinki songs for their theme songs: 2011 drama “Utsukushii Rinjin” with “Why? Keep Your Head Down”, 2013 drama “Saki” with  “Catch Me -If you wanna-“, and now 2017 “Ashita no Yakusoku” with “Reboot”.



  • FULL Tohoshinki CUT


To unlock it: 26218


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  • Begin ~Again Version~


To unlock it: 02060218

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  • Talk


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  • Intro Talk:
  • Talk after playing their “Why? Keep Your Head Down” performance from 2011:


  • Begin

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Another private link of “Begin ~Again Version~” available on vimeo: here (1280×720).
(You need to be a twitter follower of @t_yukichi to access the link and the password).

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  • Tohoshinki Cut (FULL) [ts; 1.42 Gb]: here. {p/n: does not include ending credit}
  • Tohoshinki Cut (Talk) [ts; 651.61 Mb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki Cut (Begin ~Again Version~) [ts; 501.14Mb]: here.
  • Tohoshinki Cut (ending credit) [ts; 19.13Mb]: here.

[cr: Links by DC MAX Chadore (@chadori_): 1, 2, 3, and 4]



  • Tohoshinki Cut (Begin ~Again Version~) [MP4; 498 Mb]: here.

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Partial Trans:


Translated by @xx__0_0__xx :

  • Changmin praised Nakama San so much then she was like ‘Did I bring something to give you.. I should give/present you something..’ 😂
  • Q from MCs: what did you do at first when u came to Japan after a while?
    YH: work, wanted to go to eat Ramen but we didn’t have spare time to go eat.
    CM: we went to Utsunomiya (famous city for Gyouza/dumplings) for work and staff-san bought us many gyouza from 5-6 shops, I ate each of them comparing its tastes.



Translated by @2beTVXQ :

  • They are so excited to be there after 2 years. CM : The actress MC is so beautiful The actress starred the drama and KYHD was the drama’s song!
  • CM : I’m enjoyed eating different kinds of Gyoza in Utsunomiya
  • CM : The 2 years got to realize how they are important to each other. They contact each other more often than before. They text each other even a little thing like saying “Otsukaresama” (greeting at the end of the day) after work.
    MC also said “I can see that the bond between you 2 are even stronger now”
  • YH: I haven’t got a chance to eat ramen which is his fav Japanese food. There are many kinds of remember but his fav is tonkotsu ramen (pork) They text each other like “what did u eat today?”
    MC : it’s like a couple thing to do.
    MC also said “I can see that the bond between you 2 are even stronger now”



Following the end of their segment (around 18:15 JST): 18:15-19:00 Tohoshinki, Changmin and Yunho trended at top in Twipple talent, then 19:00-20:00 within top 5~


[cr: Twipple]

In addition to Tohoshinki and Changmin appearing at Twipple Hot Word, too (screen cap at 19:27)

[cr: screencap by @Noodle_10108]




As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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