[PIC/INFO] 171127 Previews of 2018 TVXQ! SEASON’S GREETINGS + Preorders for International Fans (Release 171221)

More preview photos of TVXQ! 2018 Season’s Greetings are out, and release date will be 12/21!

In addition, you can order it now on different online stores:

  • DVDHeaven/Ktown4U: here ($ 32.29).
  • 11th Street: here ($30.77).

Check the shipping options and find what’s best for you~ ^^


Preview Photos:


[cr: 11th Street]


  • Artist Monthly Planner (12p SET)
  • Artist Monthly Bromide (12p SET)
  • Photo Card (12p SET)
  • Month Planner (148mm x 205mm / 72page)
    : Photo 14 Page
    : Cover 4 Page
    : inner Cover 2 Page
    : Year Calendar 2 Page
    : Month Calendar 2 Page
    : Weekly Records 10 Page
    : One day Recods 30 Page
    : Free note 8 Page
  • Month Poster (436.5mm x 612mm)
  • Photocard (147mm x 205mm)

[cr: Ktown4U]






As indicated above,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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