[Instagram] 180621 Soldiers Shared Selfies with Yunho at the End of their Reservist Soldier Training!

Yunho also did a reservist training which Changmin has done before, and it seems it lasted 3 days and 2 nights~ ❤

A lot of soldiers shared excited selfies with him ^^*




[cr: destroydesigncreate: here]


[cr: sttarrymoon: here]


[cr: hyeons_uuu: here]

[cr: minhoonham: here]


[cr: via @janedoeslave]


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[cr: l_y_j.215: here]


마지막 동원 훈련….연예인이라 걱정했는데 열심히 적극적인 모습에 반했어요…

Yunho in a commemorative photo with his senior army officials on the last day (OP even said they’d become squids next to himㅋ); also that there’d been worries as he was a celebrity but was won over by his diligence and enthusiasm

[cr: jun_young_1006: here via @0206yhken, Translated by @snxy ]


[cr: 김유생 via @0206yhken]


7년전인가 말레이시아에서 통역했었는데 여기서 다시 만나다니… 여전히 잘생기시고 매너있고 나이스하시네 ㅎㅎ
#동방신기 #유노윤호 #동네형 #2박3일 #예비군 #여름 #더워죽는줄 #선팔 #맞팔

7 years ago, OP had been a translator for (TVXQ?) and here, he meets Yunho again. Said he was as handsome, polite and nice as ever~

{t/n: *translator in Malaysia btw ^_^}

[cr: david_lhk: here, translated by @snxy]



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[cr: __semmnihere via @banhee_tvxq1226]





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Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express 

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