[Changmin IG] 180628 Changmin Posts the Video Teaser of his “MAX’s Passion of Fashion” (180629 at 7PM KST) + Replies to Comment~

Changmin posted the teaser video of the upcoming “MAX’s Passion of Fashion” to broadcast on 180629 at 7PM KST!!


Changmin IG:

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[Eng Sub] 180628 !t Live Special : [Teaser] MAX’s Passion of Fashion, Broadcast 180629 at 7PM (KST)!!

Changmin’s !t Live Special about fashion!! it will be broadcast at 6/29 7pm (KST)!!

the teaser has been posted through different sns channels, and in english subs on V Live~

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V Live:


  • !t Live(잇라이브) Special : [Teaser] MAX’s Passion of Fashion (최강창민의 걸어서 패션 속으로) : here. (English subs)

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[Yunho IG] 180628 Yunho Updated Profile Photo! Reposted a Photo from his Fathers’ Day Post~

Yunho reposted one of the photos he put up for father’s day (but less blurry), and then updated his profile picture with the cute photo from his other post > w <~



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