[PIC/VID] 180630 Changmin at the Filming Studio of tvN’s “Just Happened”

It seems like Changmin made a surprise appearance at tvN’s “Just Happened” filming studio!






[cr: samsu1124: here]


[cr: yoon_hyeonjin7288: here]


[cr: via @labenjamine]


[cr: mj____403: here]


[cr: sh_leesoyeon: here]





[cr: jiyeonnina: here]


[cr: kimm_ddo: here]



[cr: fantastic_pd: here]


[cr: kosora_223: here via @BambitoRjn]


[cr: @DEAR_MY__LUV]



[cr: dong_0702: here via @BambitoRjn]


we are assuming this is backstage at the same place, so here’s more~

[cr: 21hanalee: here]


[cr: roma_jni: here]







[cr: roblecoco_eunjin: here]



[cr: mj____403 story via @BambitoRjn]




[cr: fantastic_pd: here]




As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

2 thoughts on “[PIC/VID] 180630 Changmin at the Filming Studio of tvN’s “Just Happened”

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