[Changmin IG] 180722 “ㅋㅋㅋ I wish your place were mineㅋ” Changmin’s Cute Comment Under Football Player Koo Jacheol’s Photo with Yoo Hyunjoon~

Yoo Hyunjoon, one of Changmin’s favourite authors, posted two days ago a photo with the Korean football player Koo Jacheol. Today, after Koo Jacheol followed Changmin, he reposted the author’s photo tagging Changmin, so Changmin left a comment there as well about how he wishes he was in Koo Jacheol place, so cute > w <


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[VID/DL] 180722 Yunho for MBC’s “Dunia: Into a New World” EP 08

The show broadcasts every week on Sunday at 6:45 PM KST!

You can watch previous episodes subbed in English on Viki: here (but region-restricted, so see different website such as kshow)

Yunho appeared in episode 09 preview at the end of episode 8 broadcast today!





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