[Changmin IG] 180628 Changmin Posts the Video Teaser of his “MAX’s Passion of Fashion” (180629 at 7PM KST) + Replies to Comment~

Changmin posted the teaser video of the upcoming “MAX’s Passion of Fashion” to broadcast on 180629 at 7PM KST!!


Changmin IG:

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[Eng Sub] 180628 !t Live Special : [Teaser] MAX’s Passion of Fashion, Broadcast 180629 at 7PM (KST)!!

Changmin’s !t Live Special about fashion!! it will be broadcast at 6/29 7pm (KST)!!

the teaser has been posted through different sns channels, and in english subs on V Live~

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V Live:


  • !t Live(잇라이브) Special : [Teaser] MAX’s Passion of Fashion (최강창민의 걸어서 패션 속으로) : here. (English subs)

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[Yunho IG] 180628 Yunho Updated Profile Photo! Reposted a Photo from his Fathers’ Day Post~

Yunho reposted one of the photos he put up for father’s day (but less blurry), and then updated his profile picture with the cute photo from his other post > w <~



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[Changmin IG] 180628 “Thanks Burj Khalifa~✨ Thanks Emaar~😊” + Likes Burj Khalifa’s Comment Thanking him~

Congratulations korea on the awesome win! Our Changmin posted thanking Burj Khalifa for their celebratory LED display, and Burj Khalifa’s Instagram commented with a thank you which he liked~ ^^


Changmin IG:

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[VID] 180627 JP TV News on Tohoshinki New Song『Road』MV Preview and Behind the Scenes (Part.2)

Japanese morning TV news broadcast preview clips from Tohoshinki’s new song Road MV and behind the scenes! check them out~

The single will be released on 2018.07.25~



Mezamashi TV:

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