[Yunho IG] 180629 Yunho About Joining Son Hojun (and Yoo Yeonseok)’s Funation Project “Coffee Friends” on 6/30!

Yunho posted about joining Hojun on Hojun and Actor Yoo Yeonseok’s joint charity funation (fun+donation) project “Coffee Friends” on 6/30, which seems to be a monthly one (read about it here)~ ^^! Hojun also posted about Yunho joining the June Coffee Friends on his Instagram: here.

Yunho shared a photo with a coffee! we wonder where~



내일 정오 강변ㅌㅋㄴ마트앞에서 호준이형의 퍼네이션프로젝트! 저도 함께 합니다^^ 여러분도 시간 되시면 마음 나눠 주세요! (*비가 올 수도 있으니까 우산이나 우비도 꼭!)





yunho2154: here,
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