[Instagram] 180723 Senguri about Meeting Yunho by Accident and the Latter Expressing Support of his Solo Comeback~

Seungri posting same photo with Yunho before and writing about meeting him (180721 night at Cafe and Diner TRYST)~
He also followed Yunho on instagram ^^


우연치않게 만난 #유노윤호 형 #ユノユンホ #동방신기 #tvxq 일본에서는 같은 기획사 #avex 고향선배 #광주 회사선배 솔로활동 응원도 해주셨다 ㅜㅜ 언제나 따뜻하심

Photo tags: yunho2154


Met by accident #UKnow_Yunho Hyung #DongBangShinKi #tvxq Under the same agency in Japan #avex Hometown sunbae #Gwangju Company sunbae. He even showed his support for my solo activities ㅜㅜ Always warm.





seungriseyo: here,
Translated by @shanxxvi,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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