[VID/DL/Partial Trans] 180725 Changmin for O tvN’s “Just Happened” EP 145

Changmin appeared as a guest in the O tvN show “Just Happened” or “Somehow Adult”





[cr: O tvN]





  • 180725 O tvN’s Just Happened EP.145 [ts; 4.35Gb] : here (expires 8/1).

[cr: Download link by @enirtvxq]


Partial Translations:


  • Changmin: I think about what delicious thing I will eat for supper while I’m eating breakfast. [cr: via @max_said_so]
  • Changmin was addicted to the soccer game and was in the top 100 of the world rankings. He didn’t even sleep at night for it and he quit because of SHINee Minho 😂 [cr: via @0206yhken]

[cr: Translated by @janieTVXQ: 1 and 2]




Changmin trended No.6 on korean twitter~ ^^

[cr: @chadori_]



As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express





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