[Instagram/TW] 180728 The 715 Police Unit Reunion at SMTOWN LIVE 2018 IN OSAKA Kyocera Dome! + Changmin Leaves a Comment~

Siwon posted photos at SMTOWN day 1 backstage with Changmin and Donghae, his unit mates!




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[cr: siwonchoi: here]


Changmin and Donghae’s replies:


Changmin88: It’s been a while/long time no see….👍
Leedonghae: “Bammmmm 715, ACo” (a shortened name of the cafe across from SMPA)

[cr: screencap and translated by @WeLoveChoiSiwon]





Siwon clarifying what is 715:

715의 뜻은 저희가 복무했던 서울지방경찰청 중대의 명칭입니다. 715 meaning is the name of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Service unit that we served.


his first photo post included yesung too:

Brothers in Osaka.


[cr: @siwonchoi: 1 and 2]





as indicated above,
Post written and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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