[Instagram] 180901 Yunho’s Sister Shares Photos of Yunho with Baby Eunchae in Matching Yellow~

Yunho visited his sister in gwangju during his I Live Alone filming (broadcast 180907 at 11PM), and met his baby niece for the first time! His sister shared cute photos of him with baby Eunchae in matching yellow t-shirts~ > w <



#바니🐰 #조은채🌹
#생후56일🍼때 #외삼촌과만나다
#나혼자산다 #촬영 #2018년9월7일방송
커갈수록 점점 더 이뽀지는 은채
은채엄마아빠는 보지말고 우리은채만 봐주세요😂하하하🤣


#bunny🐰 #Cho Eunchae🌹
#56days after birth met with maternal uncle while being #🍼
#I live alone filming #airs on Sept 7 2018
#maternal uncle’s love for his niece eunchae💕
who is becoming lovelier as she grows bigger
please don’t look at eunchae’s mum and dad but look only at our eunchae 😂hahaha🤣




jjung_ji_hye_: here,
Translated by @snxy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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