[AUD] 180903 Tohoshinki (Asu wa Kuru Kara) 明日は来るから ~TOMORROW Version~ Preview on Radio NHK-FM #東方神起

On the radio show NHK-FM “Mellow Night of Matsuo Kiyoshi”, Asu wa Kuru Kara ~TOMORROW Version~ full song preview was played!

listen to it in the post below, so beautiful ㅠㅠ




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[Instagram] 180903 Yunho with Dunia’s Director Kwon Sungmin~


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[Changmin IG] 180903 Changmin on Tsutaya CEO Masuda Muneaki’s Book+ Replies to Fans’ Comments

Changmin posting from Japan in Japanese about a Korean translation of Japanese book~

He also replied to some fans’ comments ^^*

The book he posted is “知的資本論” by Culture Convenience Club (Tsutaya) CEO Masuda Muneaki

Changmin IG:

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[INFO] 180903 Tohoshinki’s New Album’s Song “This is my love” as Theme Song for NHK Premium Drama “Shufu Katsu!” (Broadcast 181007)

Tie-up has been decided for another song from Tohoshinki’s new album 『TOMORROW』(release 180919):「This is my love」!

Previously on 180625, a Tohoshinki song was announced for the theme Song for NHK BS Premium Drama “Shufu Katsu!” (Broadcast 181007), and it’s been revealed now.

Premium Drama「Shufu Katsu!」
Broadcast 2018/10/7 (Sun)
BS Premium at 10~10:49 PM (JST)

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[INFO] 180903 Win a Singed TVXQ! The Chance of Love Album with Shilla Duty Free SG Giveaway on Instagram! (~180916, 11:59PM)

Win a singed TVXQ! The Chance of Love album with Shilla Duty Free SG giveaway on Instagram!


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[VID] 180903 A New Promotional Video for Shilla: “The Shilla Duty Free x TVXQ: Flight Delay”

A new cm for Shilla Duty Free featuring Yunho has been released! So handsome *_*!

Available in English and Japanese as well~


The Shilla Duty Free x TVXQ: Flight Delay (English)

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