[VID] 180926 東方神起 / LIVE TOUR 2018 TOMORROW SPOT(15/30sec)

Avex post CM of the TOMORROW Tour featuring footage from their Nissan Stadium concert, with the announcement of the additional Kyocera Dome Osaka date on 2019/01/20 ^^!

Now the tour has a total of 33 shows~



  • 東方神起 / LIVE TOUR 2018 TOMORROW SPOT(15sec)


  • 東方神起 / LIVE TOUR 2018 TOMORROW SPOT(30sec)

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[INFO] 180926 Additional Day for『東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018~TOMORROW~』at Kyocera Dome Osaka has been Announced!

In addition to the previously announced 32 days (24 arena concerts + 4 Tokyo Dome and 4 Kyocera Dome), another additional day for『東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018~TOMORROW~』at Kyocera Dome Osaka has been announced! Total now is 33 shows~

【Additional day】
2019/01/20 (Sun) Kyocera Dome Osaka Gates Open 14:00/Show Start 16:00


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[Trans] 180925 Tohoshinki Dancer SONNY in an Interview Sharing his Thoughts about Tohoshinki, Yunho and Changmin

The fourth interview, published on 180925, is featuring Toho dancer SONNY as part of a series of interviews with five Tohoshinki dancers (DAISUKE, k-sk, YWKI, SONNY, and 50).

Amongst the different questions they are asked about their career, they were asked about their time with Tohoshinki and their thoughts about the members. Below is a translation of SONNY’s thoughts about Tohoshinki~







– Your impression of the two of TOHOSHINKI?

They are exactly what “two are one” means. They support each other to fill the part where the other falls short. The two keep TOHOSHINKI, the brand alive.

Yunho cares about everyone and he gets to the point straight. As a leader, when everyone is feeling low, he cheers us up. He watches over us and help to find something missing.

Changmin supports Yunho to make sure that there would be no conflict.

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