[VID/FB] 180829 Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign : TVXQ! U-KNOW

Seongsu Handmade Shoes posting on their sns about choosing Yunho for their first handmade shoes for the campaign




[cr: Seongsu Shoes]





성수수제화 활성화를 위한 “성수수제화 신기 릴레이” 캠페인에 한류의 주역, 동방신기 유노윤호 님이 첫번째 참가자로 참여해 주셨습니다! 유홍식 수제화 명장과 함께한 시간! 자세한 내용은 영상을 확인 해 주세요!

TVXQ! U-KNOW participated in Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign for vitalizing Seongsu Handmade Shoes Industry and helping people with developmental disabilities. For more details about his time with a Handmade Shoe Master, Yoo, Hongsik, Please check out this video!


홈페이지(website) : seongsushoes.or.kr
페이스북 (facebook) : @seongsushoes.or.kr
인스타그램(instagram) : seongsushoes


[cr: 성수동수제화거리 희망플랫폼: here]



as indicated above,
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