[INFO] 181128 #東方神起 #Jealous Tops Single Sales and Twitter Ranking of Hot 100 in Billboard Japan Weekly and More~ #大好きだった

For the week of 2018/12/03, 東方神起 Jealous topped Billboard Japan weekly chart for Top Singles Sales and the twitter ranking of Hot 100! The single’s coupling song “大好きだった” also charted along with the previously released Road in Billboard Japan Hot 100 ranking, in addition to more charts as shown below


Billboard Japan Weekly Charts:

  • Top Singles Sales:
    No.1 東方神起 Jealous with a total of 88,955 physical copies (SoundScan Japan)


  • Billboard Japan Hot 100 Twitter ranking:
    No.1 東方神起 Jealous
    No.5 東方神起 大好きだった
    No.9 東方神起 Road
    No.16 東方神起 Jungle
    No.18 U-Know Drop
    No.19 東方神起 Reboot


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[INFO] 181126 #東方神起 #Jealous No.1 in Billboard Top Singles Weekly Sales (for 11/19~25) with 88,955 Copies! (SoundScan Japan)


Billboard Japan announced that Tohoshinki single Jealous was No.1 in their top single weekly sales chart for 11/19~25. The single (officially released on 11/21) sold 76,442 copies in the first three days, adding about 12,000 more copies by 11/25 to make up a total of 88,955 copies.

東方神起「 【ビルボード】東方神起『Jealous』が88,955枚を売り上げ週間シングル・セールス首位獲得」1枚目/1

◎Billboard JAPAN Top Singles Sales
No.1『Jealous』東方神起 (88,955 Copies)

(SoundScan Japan)

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[INFO] 181122 #東方神起 Single #Jealous is No.1 on Billboard Japan Single Chart for 11/19-21, Selling 76,442 Copies~

Billboard JAPAN has reported sales of Tohoshinki single Jealous (official release on 11/21):

Billboard JAPAN Single Sales:
(Total in 2018/11/19~11/21)

No.1『Jealous』東方神起 76,442 Copies!

※CD sales data of Billboard JAPAN are based on SoundScan Japan’s sales data.

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[INFO/Support] 181121 Digital Release of #東方神起 New Single #Jealous is Available on iTunes and Spotify + Support their Release on iTunes Japan!

Digital Release:

Tohoshinki new single Jealous has been released digitally on itunes and spotify worldwide, as well as on other platforms such as Google music etc! The single includes the songs Jealous, 大好きだった (Daisuki Datta), and their less vocal versions.



International fans can support Tohoshinki’s digital releases via purchasing and downloading the single or the song from iTunes Japan!

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[INFO] 180921 #東方神起 Album #TOMORROW Tops Billboard Japan Album Sales for 9/17-19 with 106K Copies!! (SoundScan Japan)


Billboard JAPAN has reported album sales of from 09/17~09/19 with Tohoshinki album Tomorrow taking the top place! (official release on 9/19, pre-order shipments from 9/18):


Billboard JAPAN Album Sales:
(Total in 2018/09/17~09/19)

No.1『TOMORROW』東方神起 106,233 Copies!

※CD sales data of Billboard JAPAN are based on SoundScan Japan’s sales data.

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[PIC/TW] 180825 Toho Band, Dancers and Others on Tohoshinki’s Performance for 2018 a-nation 8/25 Concert at Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo

Tohoshinki were the headliner for 2018 a-nation Tokyo performance’s first day (on 8/25) at Ajinomoto Stadium! They delivered amazing stages with Toho band and dancers despite the hot weather, dancing hard and singing beautifully 11 songs for about a full hour in the outdoor venue~

Below are photos shared of the red ocean from Toho band and others including journalists


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[VID] 180802 JP TV Morning News on #東方神起 Song #Road as No.2 in Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart + a-nation CM

JP TV Morning news on #東方神起 Song #Road as No.2 in Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart  for week 0806!
The video also shows a cut of Tohoshinki at a a-nation 2018 CM


  • Tohoshinki for a-naion 2018 CM + Road’s Billboard Japan Charting news at ZIP! and Mezamashi TV

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[INFO] 180801 東方神起 Road No.2 at Billboard Top Singles Sales (for Week 0806) with 89k Copies! (SoundScan Japan)


Billboard Japan Top Single Sales (for Week 0806) No.2 東方神起 Road with 89,444 Copies (SoundScan Japan) weekly sales

  • Top Singles Sales: No.2 東方神起 Road with 89,444 copies

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