[VID/DL/Trans] 181008 Tohoshinki’s Interview for ASADESU Backstage at Marine Messe Fukuoka~

Yesterday, JP TV morning show “ASADESU” MC Kodaman visited Tohoshinki backstage at Marine Messe Fukuoka for an interview ^^





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Please make sure to thank the translator for translating the full interview \ (*^ω^*)/


Asadesu part1
CM: Long time no see!
YH: Long time no see!
Koda-man: O-ka-e-ri na-sa-i! Welcome back! Long time no see!
CM: That is right.
YH: 👍
YH: Your pink framed eyeglasses are impressive.
Koda-man: It has been a year and half since (you came to Fukuoka). It is a bit too long.
YH: Haha
Koda-man: I want to see you once a month❤️
YH: That is right ^^;
CM: ><;
YH: I cannot keep up with him! hahaha
Koda-man: Did I make you feel awkward?
YH: No, no..I really love Fukuoka very much!

Koda-man: Can you tell us about your new album, “Tomorrow”?
CM: For the two of us in yesterday, tomorrow ah that means today.. I want to tell people how great today is and how happy we are..
CM: the two of us want to convey such message to everyone through this album. So we decided the title as Tomorrow and we integrated songs in different genres of music.
Koda-man: It really has a lot of great songs in it!
YH&CM: Thank you!
Koda-man: It is just like Shin-shin ramen with all kinds of toppings. It is extravagant!
YH: Hahaha.. Shinshin ramen..
Koda-man: It is really delicious.
YH: Yes, it is ^^
Koda-man: Did you eat anything yummy in Fukuoka?
CM: Yes, we did. Ramen.. We ate ramen in the morning this morning. I feel great!
Koda-man: really?
CM: Yes, I want to eat ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Koda-man: What do you want to do when it is getting colder?
YH: When it gets colder, I like to do snow boarding. Last year, I was too busy but this year I want to do snow boarding.
Koda-man: We have a couple of places to do snow boarding in Fukuoka.
YH: Yes, I heard about that.
CM: I wish to go sightseeing in Fukuoka.
Koda-man: It is going to be crazy. Should I show you around in Fukuoka?
CM: No thank you. I want to travel alone.
Koda-man: Did you say no to me?
CM&YH: Hahaha
Koda-man: You rejected me in a flash of light speed.
CM: Hahaha
Koda-man: Let me tell you again. Should I show you around?
CM: Ah.. but I want to travel alone..
Koda-man: That is not what you supposed to say!

Koda-man: Do you remember that we make a pose for..
Koda-man: You just laughed it off, Yunho-san..
Koda-man: I assume you remembered it very well.
YH: of course…
Koda-man: Naturally..
YH & CM: Asa- desu (It is morning)
YH: I wanted all three of us to do that.
Koda-man: I see. Okay, let’s do it together!
Koda-man: Ready?
YH&CM: Yes
Koda-man: Let’s do it.. Asa-desu.
Koda-man: I know I do not fit well when all three of us do this.
MCs: Yes, the two of them alone are better.


Asa-desu 7AM
YH&CM: Everyone, Good morning!
YH: I am Yunho of Tohoshinki
CM: and Changmin.
Koda-man: Speaking of your activities in the near future… you will release a new song on Novemeber 11th. {p/n: 21}
YH: Yes, the song is titled, “Jealous”.
Koda-man: Jealous means to feel jealous of someone.. to envy someone.. Do you feel jealous of each other?
CM: Yunho has a great figure/body, he is really fit, he is really good at dancing too.
CM: Yunho is always positive, he looks really good/healthy and he does all his best.. and he leads all of us.. he gives us good vibes/energy.
YH: Changmin of course leads us too. Changmin has well defined 6 packs and I want to have that too.
CM: I want YH to do his best to have that too.
YH: hahaha
MCs: Wow, they are so funny. and they do respect each other very much.

[cr: Translated by @beriko0214: 1 and 2]




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