[Instagram] 181002 Golden Bomber’s Utahiroba Jun Shares a Photo with #東方神起 Backstage at NHK’s「#うたコン (Utakon)」 #Road

Tohoshinki appeared in NHK’s live music show「Utakon」today and performed Road, sending a message of hope to Hokkaido and all the regions in Japan currently suffering from natural disasters.

Golden Bomber’s Utahiroba Jun who also appeared in the show, shared a photo with the duo backstage~ ^^


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[VID] 1801001 東方神起 “This is my love” for NHK Premium Drama “Shufu Katsu!” Teaser (Broadcast 181007)

Tohoshinki’s “This is my love”, the theme Song for NHK BS Premium Drama “Shufu Katsu!” (broadcast on 181007) playing at the background of the drama’s new teaser~



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[TW/Trend] 181001 TVXQ Members Trended on Korean Twitter 1st Monday on October: Drawing Energy in the Morning from Yunho, and Studying Home at the Evening Like Changmin

First Monday in October, TVXQ members trended on Korean twitter even though they are not currently promoting!

It all began with our icon of passion U-Know Yunho 유노윤호 who started trending since early morning! This seems to have started from a user @ddolchubian777 who said (late Sunday) they managed to go through their tiring day by convincing themselves that “I am U-Know Yunho!”. Afterwards, people started tweeting to encourage themselves with Yunho the same way as op to draw energy from him and face their Monday! ^^*

Around the afternoon, Max Changmin 최강창민 also started trending, apparently for those who wished to manage their passion moderately [cr: @iruka0206] or to relax at home while studying ^^ [cr: @bangeee2222@janieTVXQ]

The duo have talked about their live styles recently on TVXQ’s features in “Knowing Bros”, “I Live Alone”, and “TVXQ’s 72 Hours”, and screenshots or quotations from these shows were sometimes referenced in these tweets!

We hope the boys continue to inspire people with their hard work and interesting philosophies~


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[Compilation] 180927-28 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018~ TOMORROW ~ at Saitama Super Arena

More photos and footage from the last two days of『Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2018~TOMORROW~』at the first stop of the tour: Saitama Super Arena’s three days!

Next tour stop will be Fukuoka next weekend~


Songs Set list:

– VCR 1 –
01. Yippie Ki Yay
02. Showtime
03. Something
– Greeting (short) –
04. Get going
05. I Don’t Know
– VCR 2-
06. Jungle
07. Electric Love
08. Mirotic
– VCR 3 –
09. I love you
10. Telephone
11. Asu wa Kuru Kara 明日は来るから ~TOMORROW Version~
– MC 1 –
12. Road
13. Sakuramichi
– VCR 4 (Back to Tomorrow) –
14. Unmei 運命(The Chance of Love)
15. SuriSuri (Spellbound)
-Toho Dancers and Band Introduction –
16. NEW SONG “Jealous(?)”
17. Trigger
18. “O”-Sei.Han.Go. (“O”-正.反.合)
– Encore –
19. Sweat
– MC 2 –
20. This is my love
21. Share The World
22. Shine
23. Weep
– Ending MC –



[cr: @torstai1]




  • 180927 The Chance of Love

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