[VID/Trans] 181009 Tohoshinki’s Interview Backstage for FBS’s “BARI Haya!ZIP!”

Tohoshinki exclusive interview for FBS’s “BARI Haya!ZIP!”~




[cr: @kzyc_cy: 1, 2 and 3]




YH&CM: Nice to see you!
Mori: Long time no see!
Mori: Do you have any questions?
CM was trying hard not to laugh
Mori ask YH help.
Mori: Can you please ask me why I am dressed like this?
YH: Why are you dressed in this costume?
Mori: This time, your tour & album title is tomorrow-ko-shi (tou-mo-ro-ko-shi: corn)
YH: It is not tomorrow-ko-shi but tomorrow.
Mori: Wait, here.. see tomorrow… ah!.. we do not have koshi..
YH&CM: Hahahaha

Mori: It has been four years since you had a concert at Marin messe Fukuoka last time. How do you feel now?
YH: It has been awhile so when we stepped in the venue, we felt a bit like home.
CM: We felt great as we breathed the same air with our fans at the venue.
Mori: What kind of thoughts do you try to convey through Tomorrow?
YH: Fans here and Tohoshinki together to look forward to tomorrow but live this moment the best.
Mori: Ka-na-ra-zu Asu-wa, ku-ru-ka-ra ♫
CM: Hahahaha CM:
Ki-mi-da-ke-ni Tsu-ta-e-ta-i-yo♫
YH: I can’t believe you are singing in this costume..
YH: Ka-na-ra-zu Asu-wa, ku-ru-ka-rahhh♫
Mori: Although I am a tou-mo-ro-ko-shi/corn, I was so impressed that I had goose bumps.
CM: But you do not have any skin to have goose bumps.

Fans: What do you want to do in Fukuoka?
CM: I have been to many natural hot springs but I have not been one in Fukuoka to date. I wish to go to natural hot springs in Fukuoka.
Mori: If you wish, do you want to go with tou-mo-ro-ko-shi?
CM: No way.
Mori: I knew you would say that. Sorry for asking^^;

Fans: What is your method for relaxing?
YH: In my room, even it is pretty chilly, I turn on air conditioning and make the room temperature even lower and wrap myself under a thick warm comforter. That makes me feel relaxed the best.
Mori: Oh I see.
YH: Ah~ I feel so good… like that❤️
CM: You look pretty warm.
Mori: If you with, you can try it on?
CM: No! I don’t want that!
Mori: haha, I knew it.
Mori: But if you wish, you can put this on on your stage.
CM: I don’t want to do that.
YH: No..

Mori: We asked the two of Tohoshinki to make sentences starting with Ba, Ri, Ha, Ya.. that describe the charm points of each other.
Ba: Baka mitaina atsu-sa, jou-ne-tsu: He is so dumb passionate.
Ri: Real? is it real? I often wonder.
Ha: He lives every day with passion.
Ya: Yabai-otoko (super cool dude), that is U-know (Yunho).

Mori: That is so good!
YH: Yeah, it is great!
Mori: How about Yunho-san?

Ba: Baki-baki-de (he has super defined 6 packs)
Ri: rittai-teki-de (he is well sculptured)
Ha: Hakuryoku-aru (very impressive)
Ya: Yabai-fukkin (amazing 6 packs)

Mori: Oh, you are good at drawing!
Mori: Can I touch you just a little bit?
CM: Lately, I put on some weight ^^;
Mori: Whoa!! It is so tight!

YH: Everyone who are watching Bari-haya (really early!) Zip! Good morning! I am Yunho of Tohoshinki.
CM: I am Changmin.
CM: Please look after yourself not to catch a cold. For tomorrow, we shall do our best today!

[cr: Translated by @beriko0214]



Videos by @kzyc_cy: 1, 2 and 3,
Translated by @beriko0214,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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