[Fanacc] 181010 Tohoshinki Spotted Shopping at “Dassai (Japanese Sake)” Store in Iwataya, Tenjin, whose Brewery was Affected by the Flooding in Yamaguchi

Tohoshinki were spotted buying sake from a Dassai store in Fukuoka, whose brewery was affected by the flood disaster in Yamaguchi (here) which fans have took notice of.



Tohoshinki were spotted in the afternoon at “Dassai (Japanese sake)” store located underground in Iwataya, Tenjin (Fukuoka), where they listened to clerk explaining and then bought some sake.



[cr: @pleiades__moon]


Changmin is said to have bought 「磨きその先へ」, while Yunho bought 「スパークリング50」.



[cr: @yoonholoveyuno2]


Fans mentioning Tohoshinki kind gesture of buying liquor from Dassai whose factory in Yamaguchi  was affected by the flood




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