[Changmin IG] 181013 Changmin Posts a Book Gift he Received from Tsutaya CEO Masuda Muneaki Right after Changmin’s Previous Post about his Book a Month Ago~

While in Japan back on 180903 (here), Changmin posted in Japanese about a Korean translation of the Japanese book  “知的資本論” by Culture Convenience Club (Tsutaya) CEO Masuda Muneaki.

Apparently, after two days (180905), CEO Masuda Muneaki sent him a letter thanking him for introducing his book and also gifted him another book!

After Hiroshima first day concert, Changmin posted at midnight in Japanese about it~


Changmin IG:

もらったのは1ヶ月もたっちゃったけどライブの準備でジタバタしちゃって読めなかったんです。(いいわけに決まってるけどねw) マスダさん,メッセージとプレゼント🎁ありがとうございます😊


It’s been a month I got this book but I haven’t read this yet cos I’ve been busy for rehearsal (it’s a excuse anyway haha) Thank you very much for the book and a message🎁Mr. Masuda😊


{t/n: Changmin actually made a mistake. He put “ジタバタ(struggling)” but it should be “バタバタ(busy, tied up, swamped)”😂😂😂 However, you can probably use “ジタバタ”(even though it’s unlikely) in that sentence, he used it on purpuse⁉️maybe🤣 
That’s why lots of Bigeast picked up the word “ジタバタ” and keep saying “he’s so cute❤️❤️❤️”}


Changmin’s replies to comments under the post:





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