[PIC/Fanacc] 181014 More from Fans Visiting the Hiroshima Restaurants Tohoshinki Ate at on 181011



About “Men Dokoro Sakaeya” posted on 181013:

栄屋さん。常連さんが入って来て ビギ・すじそば・カツ丼だらけに驚き顔。 私の1つ隣に座り「大将、俺も」と冗談注文したら「今日、○ちゃんのは無い」と却下され大爆笑‼️ ○ちゃん「色々 K-popいるけど東方神起が1番紳士的」 大将「綺麗な顔してたな〜」と言ってくれました😆

A regular customer looked so shocked cos the place was packed with Bigeast and they were all having the same dishes😂the owner chef said “lots of K-pop idols we had here but THSK was the most well-mannered ppl.” also “they’ve got a really beautiful face” to a regular customer😆

[cr: @yunochaami_ton, Translated by @ihavebeensober]



About 情熱鉄板!お好み焼き 川創 新天地, posted on 181014:


At a Okonomiyaki restaurant, CM served each one food on a plate.

[cr: @Gaemcha, Translated by @beriko0214 ]





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