[PIC] 181016 Tohoshinki TOMORROW Tour Billboard for Dome Dates Spotted in front of Shibuya Station!

A billboard advertising Tohoshinki’s TOMORROW Tour Dome dates was spotted in front of Shibuya station, in the famous Shibuya scramble crossing!

Currently, the fanclub ticketing rounds have just ended (here and here), and no announcement on public sales yet.

we hope it attracts more new Tohoshinki fans ^^*!



[cr: @hirohiro19777]



[cr: @panee0202]



[cr: @YOT_125MAON]


A fan was speculating the price of such promotional billboards at this popular location, and a two weeks seems to cost 5 million yen!

[cr: @okachimachi]





as we indicated above,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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