[VID/DL/Trans] 181022 Hokkaido TB’s “Ichioishi! MORNING” Interview with Tohoshinki Backstage at Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena

Before their first live at Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena in Sapporo, Tohoshinki filmed an interview backstage with Hokkaido TB’s “Ichioishi! MORNING” (or ichimoni)! Check out below! the mc was the one who taught Yunho how to tell fans to “sit down” in Hokkaido dialect, which she said he had used in the live, also shared a story of how Changmin checked with her if it is a polite expression to use with the fans, showing the thoughtfulness of Tohoshinki~ ^^



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  • 181022 Hokkaido TB’s “Ichioishi! MORNING” Interview with Tohoshinki [ts; 844.59 MB]: here (expires 11/12).

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Translated by @beriko0214 (1, 2 and 3):

Airi: Wow, its amazing.. this many people are waiting in line.
[Airi is a big TOHOSHINKI fan]
Airi: Ah~ TOHOSHINKI-san are inside of here.
[Airi was able to interview TOHOSHINKI before the concert. She is pretty nervous. She looks a bit scary.]
YH & CM: Hello! Nice to meet you!
Airi: Nice to meet you!
Airi: Thank you so much for taking your time when you are quite busy just before your stage.
Airi: I am from a Hokkaido local TV program, I-chi-mo-ri. My name is Airi Kimura. Nice to meet you.
YH & CM: Nice to meet you!
Airi: Ah~ You two do exist.
CM&YH: ^^;
Airi: Thank you so much for coming to Hokkaido!
YH: We should say thank you to you (people in Hokkaido).
Airi: When is the last time you visited Hokkaido?
CM: Since we shoot PV for Road in Obihiro, Hokkaido.
YH: It is about 5 months ago, about a half a year ago.
Airi: I believe that you were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hokkaido.
YH: I have an image of Hokkaido as a winter city..
Airi: Oh, snow
YH: But the beautiful scenery of Hokkaido spring was very comforting.
CM: Yes, it was just amazing. But speaking of myself, I am allergic to pollen.. so when I was laughing a lot, my nose was runny like hell.
CM: Like, wow~ this air is so fresh! and my nose…
YH: I laughed hard by watching Changmin like that.

Airi: I want to know more about your new album.
YH: We Tohoshinki and you all should enjoy our lives together as much as we can right now so that we can look forward to our fantastic future. Our such feelings are conveyed through the lyric of this song, so I want everyone to listen the song and understand the lyrics.

Airi: I am not even sure how to breath now, but I will do my best.
Airi: What is your must-to-do (routine) before your live stage?
YH: We are physically active a lot lately so we get body massage after rehearsal.
CM: Sadly, both of us are now in our 30s. In order to continue our activities, we have to maintain our body and health.
YH: Hahaha
Airi: They also shared with us about their favorite foods in Hokkaido.
CM: Hokkaido is famous for its ramen noodles. like miso ramen. We were treated with miso and soy sauce-based ramen.
Airi: Which one do you like, a strong flavored version or lightly flavored version?
YH: Both taste really good so it is hard to pick one.
CM: Ah~ this is yummy, this is yummy… Ah, everything is yummy. The range of our favorite foods has extended significantly.


I did not translate the part after YH and CM left the room, but Airi (interviewer) talked about a bit more of their interview. Airi told YH and CM that “Occhan-ko-shite” is typically what an adult tells a child to sit down.

CM said that if they say Occhan-ko-shite to Bigeasts, he was afraid that they sound like arrogant (put themselves above fans/audience). This made Airi realized that CM and YH really care about their fans very much. She loves them even more.




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