[Yunho IG] 181208 Yunho’s Cute “Long time no see” While Vising One of Meloholic Filming Sites + Follows Siwon Back

Yunho posted a video of himself walking at one of Melohilic (tagged) filming locations after a long time, he also he cutely whispered “long time no see” to the camera > w <!

+ He just followed Siwon’s back who followed him on instagram a few days ago~


Yunho IG:

오랜만에 다시!! #멜로홀릭 여기돌아왔어!☺️



Yunho started following Siwon on Instagram:

[cr: screenshot by @oveyunhosama]


Siwon followed Yunho on Instagram on 181204:

[cr: screenshot by @WeLoveChoiSiwon]



The Meloholic scenes featuring the filming site:

[cr: via @0206yhken]




yunho2154: here,
and as indicated above,
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