[News-Soompi] 180415 “Melo Holic” Wins Award At 12th International Busan Contents Market

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“Melo Holic” Wins Award At 12th International Busan Contents Market

OCN’s drama “Melo Holic” won an award at the 12th International Busan Contents Market!

While “Old Marine Boy” was chosen as the best documentary and JTBC’s web drama “People You May Know” was awarded for best content, “Melo Holic” won for best writer. Continue reading


[VID/Partial Trans] 180109 Actor Han Jaeseok’s Phone Call to Yunho on MBC’s Video Star

Actor Han Jaesuk was Yunho’s co-star in Meloholic~




Official on 비디오스타 naver channel: here.



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[Eng Sub – JYH’s flower] 171030 TVXQ’s First Instagram Live with Yunho After Drama Meloholic Press Conference!

Yunho went live on TVXQ’s instagram on 6:30 KST! The first try the audio was not working so they stopped it and went for a 2nd try~


Please make sure to thank the translator for subbing his precious live~ \ (*^ω^*)/





Raw by  sn xy| @snxy : here,
Korean Transcript by TVXQDrip,
English Subbed and Shared by JYH’s flower (TVXQ=YH+CM),
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[News-Soompi] 171205 TVXQ’s Yunho Takes A Fond Look Back As “Melo Holic” Comes To An End

TVXQ’s Yunho Takes A Fond Look Back As “Melo Holic” Comes To An End

Ahead of the finale of OCN’s “Melo Holic” set to air on December 5, Yunho shared his thoughts about the drama and his character.

The TVXQ member spoke fondly of the drama, saying, “I can’t believe that ‘Melo Holic,’ which was both sweet and exhilarating to film, is already over. I was very excited about this drama, and [the character of] Yoo Eun Ho was a gift that gave me great happiness.”

He went on, “I want to thank the director and writer for creating such a pure and wonderful character, as well as the entire crew for working so hard. I also sincerely thank the viewers who loved [‘Melo Holic’].”

In “Melo Holic,” Yunho plays the role of Yoo Eun Ho, a man with the supernatural ability to read women’s minds. The character evolves drastically throughout the drama, allowing Yunho to showcase many different kinds of acting. Continue reading