[VID] 180410 tbs TV’s Fact in Star on TVXQ Being the First Foreign Artiste with the Most Number of Records in Japan


on tbs TV’s In Star: TVXQ highlighted for Oricon records in the DVD category; being the first ever foreign artistes with the most number of records in Jpn; for their unchanging popularity in Japan (TVXQ; who keeps getting no. 1)

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[INFO/TVXQ! SNS] 180404 “Timeless Superstars!” with Begin Again Tour DVD TVXQ Sets “a New Record” of “Most No.1s on Oricon’s Weekly DVD Chart as the First Global Artist!”

Congratulations o(*> w <*)o!!


News article Highlights:


  • TVXQ, yet another new record on Jpn’s Oricon Chart. Their Begin Again DVD attained 1st in 3 categories: DVD music; DVD overall; DVD+Bluray overall music sales
  • with this DVD which is 2 yrs and 7 mths following their Aug 2015 rel of WITH DVD, this is their 9th no. 1, making it a new record for o/s artistes. This is their 7th consec DVD & 9th in total to get 1st in overall DVD cat, breating their own record of being the no.1 o/s DVD artistes

[cr: Newsen, Translated by @snxy]




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[INFO] 180211 Tohoshinki #TVXQ Tops Ranking of Highest Number of People Mobilised in January 2018 with 314k from 6 Concerts!

Tohoshinki are currently topping the ranking of the most number of people mobilised in Japan in January 2018 with 314,400 people from 6 concerts (from Begin Again tour 3 days in both of Nagoya and Kyocera Domes)!


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[VID] 180127 Tohoshinki’s Nissan Performance 3 Days Record Reported by JP Show “King Brunch”

On King’s Brunch Entertainment News Weekly:
Ranking 7th – First-ever Remarkable Feat by Artiste
Announcement of 3 consecutive days live in Nissan Stadium






@wr2799, In english via @joeylfy,
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[INFO] 180124 東方神起 Reboot and Begin ~Again Version~ Top Billboard Japan Hot 100 Twitter Ranking for the 5th Week + Ranking in Other Charts~

For the week of 2018/1/29, 東方神起 Reboot and Begin yet again topped the Billboard Japan Hot 100 Twitter ranking, marking it the 5th week since release~ > w <, with Reboot ranking as No.16 for Hot 100 overall and Begin ~Again Version~ in Top 30. The Reboot single ranked No.40 for Billboard Japan Weekly Top Singles Sales.


  • Billboard Japan Hot 100 Twitter ranking:
    No.1 東方神起 Reboot
    No.2 東方神起 Begin ~Again Version~

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[Trans] 180122 With 3 Days at Nissan Stadium, Record for Being the First to do so in Japanese History


With 3 days at Nissan Stadium, record for being the first to do so in Japanese history

TVXQ writes rewrites concert history. They will be having 3 days of concerts in a row at Japan’s foremost Nissan Stadium.

From June 8th to the 10th for 3 days, TVXQ will be having additional concerts at Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan, as part of their “Tohoshinki Live Tour~ Begin Again~Special Edition in Nissan Stadium”. With a seating capacity of up to 75,000, Nissan Stadium is the biggest concert venue.

It is also where TVXQ will be holding the finale to their Japanese live tour. Rewriting concert history. TVXQ is scheduled to hold 3 days of concerts at Nissan Stadium. They will be the first ever to do so in Japanese concert history. Continue reading

[INFO] 180122 JP News Report Tohoshinki #TVXQ as 1st Artist Ever to Perform 3 Consecutive Days in Nissan Stadium

Tohoshinki are going to be the first artist ever in Japan to perform 3 consecutive days in Nissan Stadium!! One more record beside the fact that they are the first oversea artist to perform twice! (Tohoshinki are still the only oversea artist to have ever performed there)

Previously, the maximum performance days that Nissan Stadium allowed for artists was 2 days only (like Tohoshinki’s 2013 TIME Tour). This has always been the case to protect the stadium grass. However, luckily, it looks like chances has allowed for it this time as the grass is set to be replaced near that time.

Tour’s total is expected to reach 1M concert-goers with these three performances (which are expected to add about 220k to the old total of 780k)!


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