[INFO] 181220 東方神起 Enters Top 20-75 in Oricon Annual DVD, Blu-ray, Single and Album Rankings for 2018!


Oricon Annual Ranking and sales for 2018 was revealed (covering sales within 2017/12/11~2018/12/09), and Tohoshinki were present in different categorises as follows!



No. 25 TOMORROW    with 153,262 copies!



No. 45 Reboot    with 152,538 copies!

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[INFO] 181128 #東方神起 #Jealous Tops Single Sales and Twitter Ranking of Hot 100 in Billboard Japan Weekly and More~ #大好きだった

For the week of 2018/12/03, 東方神起 Jealous topped Billboard Japan weekly chart for Top Singles Sales and the twitter ranking of Hot 100! The single’s coupling song “大好きだった” also charted along with the previously released Road in Billboard Japan Hot 100 ranking, in addition to more charts as shown below


Billboard Japan Weekly Charts:

  • Top Singles Sales:
    No.1 東方神起 Jealous with a total of 88,955 physical copies (SoundScan Japan)


  • Billboard Japan Hot 100 Twitter ranking:
    No.1 東方神起 Jealous
    No.5 東方神起 大好きだった
    No.9 東方神起 Road
    No.16 東方神起 Jungle
    No.18 U-Know Drop
    No.19 東方神起 Reboot


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[VID/DL/Partial Trans] 181124 Tohoshinki on TBS’s “CDTV” Artist File – Second Part

Tohoshinki appeared on TBS’s “CDTV” in the “Artist File” corner last week, and the second part was broadcast on 11/24 (Sat) at 24:58~ (i.e. 11/25). They visited ‘places of memories’ last week and this week they went to Tokyo Skytree tower where they went to different levels and took pictures of the nice view! There Yunho found the east (東) pillar and commented it is the same kanji for Tohoshinki (東方神起)’s Tou東 then the skytree staff suggested they sign on it *_*! They also continued their interview, so check out some translations of it!

While last week’s was Jealous, this episode’s broadcast a beautiful live performance of Road~ ^^



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[PIC] 181005 NHK’s「#うたコン (Utakon)」 Blog Shares a Photo of #東方神起 Backstage with Golden Bomber (181002)

Tohoshinki appeared in NHK’s live music show「Utakon」on 181002 and performed Road.

The official show’s blog shared today a photo of the duo with Golden Bomber backstage.

It mentioned them performing a ballad, and also about hoping to see them performing a dance song!!

So let’s hope Tohoshinki come back to perform Jealous there > w <


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[Trans/DL/TW] 181002 Tohoshinki’s Recent Appearance on JP TV Music Live Show

Tohoshinki appeared in NHK’s live music show「Utakon」on 181002 (19:30-20:15 JST) and performed Road, sending a message of hope to Hokkaido and all the regions in Japan currently suffering from natural disasters.

After the performance many fans tweeted their thanks to the duo, and it was featured as a moment on twitter Japan ^^

[cr: NHK Utakon blog (181005): here]

Talk Translation:

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[PIC] 181003 Bigeast Staff Report: Tohoshinki’s 『Road』Performance at NHK「Utakon」

Tohoshinki appeared on  NHK「Utakon」live broadcast on 181002 and performed Road!

The staff report mentioned the duo’s interest in improving their Japanese, how they were a bit nervous about the first live broadcast in a while but smiled saying they will work hard today too.

The post also included a message from Tohoshinki for the fans


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[Instagram] 181002 Golden Bomber’s Utahiroba Jun Shares a Photo with #東方神起 Backstage at NHK’s「#うたコン (Utakon)」 #Road

Tohoshinki appeared in NHK’s live music show「Utakon」today and performed Road, sending a message of hope to Hokkaido and all the regions in Japan currently suffering from natural disasters.

Golden Bomber’s Utahiroba Jun who also appeared in the show, shared a photo with the duo backstage~ ^^


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[VID] 180916 #東方神起 Road Tops CDTV Questionnaire for “Song you want to Listen to in a Trip” #TOMORROW

Tohoshinki’s Road topped CDTV questionnaire for “song you want to listen to in a trip”~ ^^*




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