[TW/FB] 180113 Incognito’s Bluey with Tohoshinki, SAM-san and Toho Band: One of the best night ever @TVXQ at #kyoseradomeosaka


Bluey (Jean-Paul Maunick), Incognito’s bandleader who went to Tohoshinki’s Kyocera Dome on December, posted their photo again as well as photos with SAM-san and Toho Band on twitter and facebook~


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[Instagram] 180105 Jean-Paul Maunick (Bluey) Backstage with Tohoshinki at Kyocera Dome; Praises their Stage and Personalities~


Bluey (Jean-Paul Maunick), the british guitarist, composer and Incognito’s bandleader posted a photo with the boys backstage at Kyocera Dome, praising their stage performance and their manners!

Our talented and humble boys~

What an awesome last night in Japan before I headed back to London.
Spent the evening at Kyocera Dome with Tohoshinki (TVXQ).
The amazing stage set & special effects was only surpassed by the brilliant musicianship, captivating choreography, Two young men at the top of their game singing, dancing and communicating effortlessly to the masses. 3hours & 30 minutes when by like a blur. It was emotional when the band played Colibri as #yunho and #changmin talked to their adoring fans. They are one of the biggest bands in Asia, yet there was not one over inflated ego in sight. Back stage I was blown away as they told me that Incognito was a part of the soundtrack of their lives. Thanks for a brilliant night fellas!
One Love… Bluey #tvxq #tohoshinki#kyoseradome #kpop #kpopdance #avex

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