[Instagram] 161228 Yunho Met up with the Cast of his Drama “I Order You” on his Break~

Showing their great bond, the cast of the web drama “I Order You” in which Yunho starred had a year end meal together. Yunho had joined them as he seems to be in a leave~ ^^





here is another photo shared by actress Kim Gaeun too ^^! It seems like they’ve met on the 28th, so date in title was fixed~






Actor Jo Yoon Woo’s Instagram (w2798ccc), and Actress Kim Gaeun’s Instagram (ggani8918),
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[Trans] 150803 Actor Jo Yoon Woo from “I Order You”: U-know Yunho will Do Well in the Army


Jo Yoon Woo said that he had become very close to Yunho during the filming of “I Order You”. He had thought that as a member of Hallyu star TVXQ, (Yunho) would be “difficult to approach” but while filming, he saw the loose (relaxed) side of Yunho a lot and (started) to talk (to him).

Yunho-hyung is very humble. From the way he treats staff to the way he takes care of juniors. I think of him as hyung that I can learn a lot from. Hyung took good care of me; because he was easy-going with me, we soon became close. Continue reading

[Instagram] 150704 Baek Jongwon Reminds us of “I Order You” First Broadcast


Naver TVcast: 7/5 at 10:00 AM
SBS Plus: 7/6 at 04:40 PM



Actor Baek Jongwon’s Instagram (superjongwon) via @snxy,
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