[AUD] 180903 Tohoshinki (Asu wa Kuru Kara) 明日は来るから ~TOMORROW Version~ Preview on Radio NHK-FM #東方神起

On the radio show NHK-FM “Mellow Night of Matsuo Kiyoshi”, Asu wa Kuru Kara ~TOMORROW Version~ full song preview was played!

listen to it in the post below, so beautiful ㅠㅠ




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[Trans] Tohoshinki’s Yunho and Changmin Mentioned in Kiyoshi Matsuo Interview for Nikkei Entertainment (2010 March Issue)

 [Part TRANS concerning YH and CM] 2010 March Issue Nikkei Entertainment Interview of Kiyoshi Matsuo


Note: KM has worked with many artists including TOHOSHINKI, Exile, JuJu, Chemistry, Ken hirai and etc as a producer/mixer. This interview was included in his recent book, “Mellow Days of Kiyoshi Matsuo” Space Shower Books published on May 2014.

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